Quick ways to Ground and Shield

Quick ways to Ground and Shield June 11, 2019

The world seems like it’s spinning ever faster, and that people are spinning along with it. One of the first questions I ask someone who is feeling discombobulated (after checking their breathing and hydration levels) is: have you grounded and shielded? Most of the time, I get the bewildered, no?! And then we work quickly to get that done. It makes a difference in this harried world.

If you have difficulty with grounding and shielding, here are a few quick ways to do so, even in the midst of a busy day:

Get outside and walk barefoot in the grass: Do this as quickly as possible and note the difference. If grass and the outside is not available, get to the lowest level of the building you are in, slip out of your shoes, and plant your feet firmly on the ground. Imagine roots growing from your feet into the dark earth below, and while you are doing that, shed all the excess “junk” that is winding its way through your body, down through your feet, and into the deep, dark ground.

Light a candle: Stare into the flame and be mesmerized. If you have the time and space, light a bunch of them. The act itself is soothing, and the flames will draw you in.

Get your hands in some dirt: Plant, work in a garden, buy a potted basil plant in the grocery store. Connect to nature and dirt, pronto.

Get your hands in some beans: Sounds crazy, but I used to be a Montessori teacher, and a bowl of dried beans was the most mesmerizing thing. I began each year with a bowl full of assorted colorful dried beans, and the sensation and sounds were the most soothing to my preschool students. It’s quick and inexpensive to keep around. As an adult, it’s helpful as well.

Hematite: I wear a hematite ring any time I’m around groups of people. It’s a visual reminder to ground, and hematite is a powerful grounding stone. If you don’t wear jewelry, carry a hematite stone, or place it in a mojo bag.

Create a mojo bag: Make one for yourself to keep on your body or in a pocket. Let your intuition guide you as to what to place inside. I’ve used rose quartz, lavender, bay leaves, tourmaline. It’s comforting to keep on my body, and a touchstone for when I feel stressed and not grounded.

Clean your altar: Cleaning can be soothing, and cleaning your altar even more so. It not only keeps you occupied, it also changes up the energy. Change out the candles, the focus, switch a few things around, light some incense. Then when you are done, spend some time in front of it, light a candle, and breathe deeply.

Sweep: Household chores? Do them. Get yourself a broom and sweep. It not only changes the energy, you connect with the earth, and get some cleaning done.

Shielding: Imagine shields surrounding you, whether it be clear, mirrored, jewel-like or opaque. With a snap of my fingers, I can immediately create shields of the most beautiful gemstones around me: ruby, diamond, emerald, sapphire. Through the years, it has evolved into giant redwood trees that grow and surround me immediately, and I can almost smell the faint pine scent. Practice this technique until you can literally do it with a snap of the fingers. Some imagine bright light projecting outward, or a rainbow of colors. Discover what makes you feel shielded and create it. One small caveat: make sure the top of your shields stay open, otherwise you have created a container.

Go to the bathroom: All moms know this trick. Go to the bathroom and hide. Seriously. It’s where you are left alone, you can ground, center, breathe, talk to yourself in the mirror, run water for its soothing sound, check your phone, stare at the pretty Instagram photos, and more.

Mantra: When I get particularly stressed, I will come up with a quick mantra that I can say over and over again. One of my favorites is a shortened version of:  All shall be well, and all manner of things shall be well  Julian of Norwich wrote this, and it serves me well (see what I did there?). I’ve shortened it to “all will be well”, or sometimes I quote comforting song lyrics over and over as a mantra. Pick a few to have in your arsenal.

Find your Happy Place: Whatever that place is, form a picture in your mind. Go there when you need to ground and center. It can be a mythical place, a place from your childhood, or a place where you would like to go.

I hope this helps. In the chaos of the world, it can feel like a weird and scary time. Doing something will help you focus and center and keep moving forward. If you have methods that work well for you, please let me know.  May we all be centered and grounded as the days wind on.


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