When Darkness Falls: Use Your Skills

When Darkness Falls: Use Your Skills August 4, 2019

The world is horrific nowadays. Not a day goes by without climate despair, shootings, governmental idiocy, and more. It’s enough to make you want to stay home and hide. Yet, yet, yet…despair and non-action don’t do anything. Mourn, hide, and have a wallowing kind of day here and there, but overall, I say to you: Resist.

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How? And why? You might ask. One person can’t change a thing, and it seems overwhelming. I disagree that one person can’t change anything. We can and should do all that we can to work against and with the darkness. The planet has been through many dark times, and underneath all those events was a strain of resistance. That resistance, if we all practice it regularly, can change that tide of darkness. “We were made for these times”, Byron Ballard once said in one of her workshops, and it remains my mantra. There is a reason of us, many of us, have been calling to the healing arts, to magick, to witchery these past few years. My own personal theory is that we are being put into place for the very reason I outlined above: to change that tide of darkness. I have personally heard over and over again stories of people being led to a place or practice, called to a deity or deities, led to healing work and more. It could be random coincidence, but what if it were not? What should we do? A few suggestions and musings are below. Let me know if you have more to add.

Live your life: The best form of resistance is to live your life. Truly live it. Love, laugh, eat good food, enjoy friendships, hobbies, pets, books and more. Savor your cup of coffee or tea, have a glass of wine, go out into nature, do the thing that you have wanted to do. Write poetry, sing songs, create art. Every time you are filled with life and glee, it is an energy moving against the darkness. If we all did it, can you imagine how powerful that could be?

Volunteer: I attended a community ritual recently, and we spoke of volunteer opportunities. I am as prone as the next person to think I am “too busy”, but I was inspired by those in my midst who were out in the local community doing good deeds. Whether offering healing, sorting produce for a food bank, or tutoring, all gave me inspiration, and I am actively seeking out ways I can help.

Contact your government officials: I know, you are thinking they are not listening. In my opinion, they are not, and are greedy individuals who frankly don’t care if we live or die. Yet I have noticed that when we respond en masse, things get halted or change. It’s daunting and a pain to talk to representatives. Do what you can, when you can. If you have a difficult time with the phone, text Resist to 50409 and start working with Resistbot. Via your phone, you can text what you want to say to your representatives, and the app sends them email, mail and faxes. Easy to do, and you can do it relentlessly. Also, call after hours if that is easier on your nerves. Write endless letters, send emails. Your voice needs to be heard. Do so, and let’s do this together. Also, if you can, run for office. We need more people like you in government.

Work your magick: Bind, hex, do what you are called to do. Work with the dark moon, or work with a come to me candle. Put your energy towards something, anything, that will move energy. That is what spellwork is: moving energy towards a result. Move, move, move that energy. If all else fails, cleanse,  clear, and protect your space so that you and your family and loved ones are in a safe space. Need suggestions or inspiration? The internet is your friend, so go look things up and see what calls to you. There are many, many books and articles out there, so research and build up your spiritual practice.

Connect with people: People are lonely and isolated. Something as simple as smiling or complementing an outfit can change a person’s outlook or day. Seeing the homeless where you live? Stock up on dollar bills, or small toiletry kits or simple snacks to hand out when you’re at a stop light and the person with the sign is nearby. You don’t know their story, and if you can spare the food, the money or the items, please do so. Ask if someone needs a hug. I always ask if a hug is needed when I see someone upset or sad, and sometimes that hug can bring a person peace and connection they need in that moment. Be kind always. None of us know what anyone is going through.

Get outside your comfort zone: Go on adventures, and explore nearby unfamiliar places. Growing up in New York City, I loved to wonder all the different neighborhoods, and try all the different cuisines. Living in the mountains of western North Carolina, I cherish the times I stumble upon something unfamiliar to me. Recently, I saw the sign “Botanica” and not believing my luck, eagerly went inside and explored all their wares. I was in cultural heaven. More 7 day candles than I have seen in my life, herbs galore, mojo bags, and other items that were delightfully unfamiliar to me. The shop was filled with so much hope and possibility, it energized and inspired me. What a great find!

Be you: If you don’t know who “you” are, then now is the time to figure that out. If you are authentic, then you have a firmer foundation from which to get things done. Take your time, seek counseling, meditate, ponder, do what it takes to find the core of what makes you uniquely yourself. Copying others, employing a facade, or trying to be one of the “cool kids” (what makes them cool, anyway?) will only last so long, and the world needs the distinctive you that you are, truly. Don’t want to face that yet? Then find a new skill and enjoy learning it. Basic skills are always needed, no matter what is going on in the world. Find something you enjoy, and get really good at it.

And finally, make your own list. These are just my suggestions, and you may have a plethora more that make more sense with your life than those I offer above. I’m daunted, excited, scared, determined, and a myriad of other things myself. Let me know what you decide to do, as I love to be inspired. May it be ever so.






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