When The World is Burning, Keep Doing Your Work

When The World is Burning, Keep Doing Your Work May 31, 2020

The world is burning, as it has so often before. Where this will lead, we do not know, but each time, hope rises that this time it will be different. That hope is eternal. Many of us have felt something was coming: a shift, a change, a world-wide event. Have you felt it? Have the deities seemed insistent, making their presence known, contacting more and more people? The ground is shifting, and each day seems to reveal yet more events, emotions, disasters, and now, people rising up against injustice.

The world is in our hands. Photo by Pixabay.

This is not the time to feel helpless. The news is relentless, and social media keeps us distracted and off-kilter. Now is not the time to falter. As William Shakespeare wrote in Love’s Labour’s Lost: “Muster your wits; stand in your own defence;… ” Yes, the news is overwhelming, scary and relentless. There is a time for crying, and a time for rest. A time for fear, and a time for determination. While the world is burning, keep doing your work.

Begin with yourself  Keep yourself in good health, and stay fortified. You know the drill: hydrate, meditate, exercise, move, and eat nutritious foods. Monitor your news intake, and when it is too much, walk away and rejuvenate yourself. When I feel at the end of my rope, I head out into nature, and restore myself so that I can continue. Find what recharges your own battery, and make sure you incorporate this into your days.

Protection  Protect yourself, your home, and your family. This is important, so don’t put it to one side and get to it later. Do it now, whether it be herbs, crystals, oils, spellwork or more. Ground and center daily, and make a conscious effort to do so. Send out protection energy to those who need it, and keep it flowing. Your protective energy is needed now more than ever, so devote part of your day to this very important work.

Candles  The easiest and quickest way to send out energy is to light candles. Light those candles, spend time at your altars, and gaze into the candlelight to meditate. Think of all of us, lighting candles, sending that energy out into the world. It is a simple yet powerful act. Light candles in solidarity, for justice, and keep them lit against the darkness.

Educate  Educate yourself, and others. You have a skill people want to know about? Get out there on video, or YouTube and teach. Too shy for video? Write down step-by-step instructions. Keep learning, and keep expanding your pwn knowledge. Use that knowledge to help others. Are you an herbalist? A kitchen witch? Create herbal remedies, food for those in need, and for those who are dealing with illness, the list of how you can help in this way is long. Use your gifts and skills, and take action. Action helps when you are feeling helpless. 

Donate  Find organizations you support if you have money to donate. Volunteer your time, help your local food pantry, help friends with baby-sitting so that they can recharge their batteries. Donate your knowledge to local groups who need it. Are you a gardener who can help create a community garden? Are you an artist who can sell your work and donate proceeds to the causes you hold dear? Then do so.

Ancestors  Call on them. Keep them close, seek their counsel, and be comforted by them. They are our powerful warriors and have been through much themselves in their own lifetimes, so don’t forget them. Keep their altars fresh, honor their presence, and spend time with them as often as possible.

Power  Individually, we each have power within us. With our gifts, with our words, with our actions, we can make a difference. Clear your throat chakra if you have trouble speaking. If that feels like it is still insurmountable, support those who speak eloquently the words you want to say. Call, write, email and text your representatives. Decide to VOTE. Check your voter registration status, and keep checking it, to make sure it’s accurate. I moved recently, and thought I had updated mine, checked recently, and I hadn’t. That’s the very first thing I am going to do on the next business day. Voting is power. Your gifts are your power. Charge those crystals, use the moon energy, and keep your spiritual energy clear.  If you are sitting there thinking you have no power at all, then use your words. Spells are made of words, and words have energy. Direct them towards those who do not hear, or are not listening because they are filled with ignorance and hatred. Use your words locally. Help your neighbors, support your friends and family, patronize your local businesses. Donate blood or plasma. If you join protestors, let your voice be heard, and be vigilant about your safety.

The time is now for us to turn our attention both inward and outward. Inward to stand in our own defense, to strengthen ourselves for what’s ahead, and to keep ourselves moving forward. Direct your attention outwardly, towards your community and the world. It is not a time to bury your head in the sand, or be cynical or selfish. We need you. Keep doing the work.




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