The Witch and the Wild Rose

The Witch and the Wild Rose July 19, 2018

A moonlit forage for wild roses in a wooded graveyard.

The Wild Rose’s botanical name is “species rose”, which in essence is a species that develops naturally with no help from man. A true flower of the wild, which is one of the many reasons I adore these magickal hedges. Originating mostly from Europe as well as the Orient, roses have been cultivated for over 5000 years.

The Greek poet Anacreon told the tale of the Goddess Aphrodite. Upon Aphrodite’s rising from the sea, the foam flowing from her body, magickally transforming into white roses as she arose. When Aphrodite learned of the fate of her fallen lover Adonis and began to weep, her tears turned the once white roses blood red.

The Goddess Aphrodite

To some of the western and other Native American tribes, wild roses where seen as a life force, a gift of strength to infants, and a protector from the dead. Mourners often wearing the petals in their clothes, or placing them within their homes if they felt that they where being haunted. Many tribes incorporating the wild rose in their art, bead, and quill work, symbolizing survival and vitality.
Folklore tells of an old
Ojibwa legend of the rose, entitling it the “Summer of the disappearance of the Rose” a beautiful wooded tale.

The rose not only awes us with her beauty and scent, but is steeped in magickal energies. She is most often used in spells of love and passion, but can also be used to raise divinatory energies, provide strength of both body and mind, and aid us in protection of that which is unseen.
Rosehips are beneficial to the witch as well. They are not only highly medicinal, but can be strung as a necklace or bracelet, and can be worn to attract love, good fortune, or can be used as an attractant to spirits.

Foraged Rosehips from my woods.
Although the wild rose can be a truly positive force in our life, just like so many magickal plants and hedges, what can heal, can also hex… and the rose is no exception.

The rose’s thorns are a useful tool to the witch, at least where darker spell workings are concerned. Thorns can be wrapped around a poppet for bindings, or to keep your lover from straying. Blood magick using thorns is exceptionally potent, especially when incorporated in dark love spells.
A darker spell working with the aid of my familiar.

Awhile back I worked a love spell, where I took a small piece of the thorn branch, and placed it between my lips. As I began to take hedge flight, I slowly began pressing my lips together until the blood began to drip. Below my mouth I held a small bowl of deep red dried rose petals, which I let the blood drip into. In my flight envisioning my spell taking form. Upon return, making an incense of the rose petals, and some herbs of the Darkened Moon, which was when I performed this spell. As the incense smoke arose into the ether, so did my intentions… It was a very successful spell.

So let it be to hex or heal, the rose is an bewitching hedge to work with. The magick of the rose invoking a sense of wonder, mystery, and enchantment, and healing the emotional waters of the mind.
I make an infused rose petal honey every Summer to sweeten and flavor my herbal teas, and lattes, and to heal what ails me. Or one of my newer favorites is this rose petal shrub recipe.
So work with this enchanting moon plant, because to me there is nothing that takes care of us quite like the rose. )0(

About Raven Wood
Raven is a traditional witch of Celtic and Germanic roots, who lives and practices her craft in the wood. She also owns and wild crafts herbal creations at her online shop, "Deep Within the Hollow" ~ A shop of Enchantments. Her first book is due to come out in December 2018. You can read more about the author here.
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