The Magick of Pines

The Magick of Pines December 31, 2023

The Pine has been used in magick and healing practices for hundreds of years. The ancient Egyptians placed an image of the deity Osiris in a hollowed-out pine tree, and in Celtic mythology, Pine is known to be a tree of protection and forgiveness. This tree’s branches have been used in exorcisms and banishments of evil and malevolent spirits for many moons. It can be used to not only break a hex… but return to sender! That’s cool as hell! One can burn the branches to expel the dead, and if you burn both ends of a pine wand it will aid you in your battles, one of the perks of Mars energy!

The Pine be a magickal tree indeed…

but traditionally used by folks during the winter holidays. Pine is a very beneficial tree, containing loads of vitamin C, vitamin A, antioxidants, and its health benefits are many. I do believe if I were to choose only one tree to live amongst, it would be without a doubt the white pine. The scent alone of this fantastic tree’s needles and resin is reason enough to fall for this bewitching tree. Pine has many magickal properties associated with it. Pine is a tree of Mars, right there says a lot! It is a tree of air, so burning of its needles rises into the ether with your intent intact. Its long slender needles point upward symbolizing a flame to shamans and mystics alike.

Tis said that if one falls asleep under a pine tree, they may never wake up.

This I believe is due to its inhabitants. Pine is one of the oldest trees on the planet, and it is said that the pine gave birth to wood spirits. Lore also tells us that Merlin himself resides in the pine tree, so you can see the potential for possible mayhem there, not to mention the amount of energy that resides within this tree! A tree of Cernunnos, the lord of the wood, and a fierce protector, a deity I work intimately with. Pine is a rejuvenator, and healer, which is why folk placed pine branches on the coffins of their dead. Pine is always on my ancestral altar, as it keeps any nasty spirits from attaching to my spirit houses.

But at this dawning of a New Year…

use pine branches as a smudge to purify the old, and offer protection for the New Year, and make a brew of pine needle tea to bring health as well… Happy New Year one and all!


About Raven Wood
Raven is a traditional witch of Celtic and Germanic roots who is an herbalist, hedge crafter, poisonous plant grower, and planetary alchemist practicing woodland folk magick for over 20 years in her woods of the mid-western United States. She is the owner of "Deep Within the Hollow" a shop of Tarot readings, incense, oils, poppets, and poisons. As well as "Raven's Hedge," a green witch shop of herbal body care, seasonal forest teas, and woodland fare. She has a website “Within a Witches Wood” where you will find her blogs, shop updates, herbal lore, and other writings. Her first book is in the works. You can read more about the author here.
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