The Moth and the Witch

The Moth and the Witch August 17, 2020

The Moth is of the Lepidoptera family, with 11,000 species here in United States alone. Moths like bats and owls are a creature of the night, and also a known familiar of the witch…

Insects like animals can also be spirits guides, as the dragon fly teaches us of magick, transformation and mysticism, so the bee shows us community, hard work, and abundance.

I have had visits from the moth as of late, reappearing here and there for awhile now. So I took this as a possible omen of sorts, and when I really looked into information about the moth I not only found the reason for it’s visit, but plenty of folklore as well.

Moth Folklore ~

Moths in your home can be an indication of quarrels between you and your lover, or that enemies are working against you.

If a moth flies around you at night, it’s an indication you will receive a letter. If it be a maiden, then a letter from her lover she will receive.

If a moth flies into a candle flame, and in doing so puts the flame out, it is an omen that someone in your household will be snuffed out as well.

If you are visited by a brown moth within your home it is often a sign telling you to be a bit more skeptical of who you let into your house and trust. This moth tells you to be rid of excess clutter, negative habits, people, or negative relationships in your life.

There are Native American tribes that believe the moth is to be considered a sacred creature, and should be held in the highest regard. A creature that deals with both light and dark, and can be a messenger from the dead, or can be a symbol of a possible upcoming death as well.

Then there is the folklore of the Black Witch, or Black Witch Moth. This spirit guide is more complex, and depending on the location of the folklore, can bring darkness and certain death, to prosperity and riches. One thing is certain, if this moth appears by your door, you will most definitely have an experience with the occult and the magickal realms…
There is also a White Witch Moth. Appalachian legend telling of this spirit guide bringing news of one’s ancestors being amongst them, and giving a sense of safety and protection. To me dreams of these enchanting moths are similar to the vibrational influences of the quartz crystal. Energy of light, higher realms, and magickal possibilities.

About Raven Wood
Raven is a traditional witch, herbalist, author, online shop owner and practitioner of folk magick in the woods of North America. She currently writes the blog “Witch of the Wood with Raven Wood“ at Patheos Pagans, and has contributed to several of UK occult and horror author Sarah England’s books. She has a website “Wood Witch Hollow,” and her first book is in the works. You can read more about the author here.

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