Flower Essences, and the Magick of Poisons

Flower Essences, and the Magick of Poisons July 2, 2020

Homeopathy in essence is the belief of the body being able to cure itself by the use of minute amounts of plants and minerals, or by their vibrations to bring about balance and rejuvenation within the body and mind. When I discovered this I became interested in it and flower essences immediately, as I was now fully into everything herbal. My connections to my plants and herbs was such that I knew this type of work was something I would find beneficial, so I instantly dove right in.

All plants, crystals and stones carry different levels of vibrations or energy patterns, which makes sense as they all differ from one another.

Smoky Quartz crystal, known to aid the darker realms, as well as your divinations.
I was only young when I began my connections with stones, always seeking them out everywhere I went, taking with me the ones that resonated the most. But then I was the only four year old, or family member for that matter that was known to carry stones or a toad in her purse, I still am…

The history of using flowers to heal emotional imbalances or blockages dates back in time thousands of years. With the discovery of their use on papyrus scripts in Ancient Egypt. The very earliest European recorded use of flower essences was by Abbess Hildegard Von Bingen, who dwelled within the twelfth century. Von Bingen preformed a ritual of laying muslin sheets over particular flowers at night to absorb their essence and dew. This nectar of such would then be collected in the morning, squeezed out of the muslin and then used to treat those in need of emotional healing. Edward Bach, a homeopath and physician, started creating flower essence remedies back in the early 1900s. Bach gained his notoriety by his creation of the now well known “38 flower essences” which can be used by both humans and animals, and is what many homeopathic practitioners still use today. He created these essences at a time when the world was suffering greatly from the Great Depression, Fascism and Nazism. As it was his desire to help the poor souls of this time to overcome their fears, despair, and depression.

So I took this information and my new found love of this practice and began planting and nurturing the plants I wanted to make essences with. It was a time in my life that I felt I needed them emotionally as well as magickally. To me, true magick deals deeply within the emotional realms, so I knew it would be successful on both planes.
I particularly wanted to include and work with the flowers from my poisonous garden, as their magickal attributes are many. I wanted to offer the customers from my shop a safe and easy way to work with baneful plants as well, and felt this a grand way to do it. That is partly because I am saddened by people who do not know of these plants and feel as though they should never be touched or dealt with. I have had folks kinda freak out when I talk of growing my poisonous plants or using them in my practices, not even realizing that the “poisonous” are everywhere…

Wild lupine growing in my woods.

Who doesn’t have some lily of the valley’s, delphiniums, hydrangeas, daffodils, rhododendrons, or azaleas? All quite poisonous indeed. Hell the common potato has been known to cause madness. We need to get over the stereotypes of such plants as belladonna, datura and mandrake to name but a few, and educate ourselves on these amazing plants and what they have to offer.

I decided to blend my love of stones with my flower essences and the results were very pleasing. I added a amethyst stone in each of my flower essences, for amethyst has many virtues as well. Amethyst purifies, and possess​ healing powers, often used in energy healing or chakra balancing.​ Amethyst can bring relief to nightmares and can aid psychic abilities, also giving protection from baneful spells. I created flower essences of Datura, Foxglove, Woody Nightshade, and Lupine in singular essences. But also made synergy blends of Honeysuckle and Henbane, Lilac and Lily of the Valley and Belladonna and Bleeding Heart as their energies connect so well together. I have found for myself that flower essences have helped me with working out deep emotions, shadow work and more. So check out my essences, and do a bit of research and look into what flower essences can do for you on both the emotional and magickal realms. Discover the rewarding benefits of working with plant spirits, and all the possibilities they can bring.

My Datura metel, a true plant spirit of mine.

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