The Rosehip Queen

The Rosehip Queen November 19, 2019

I be the Rosehip Queen! For I am bewitched and entwined with the Wild Rose! Her blooms, hips, the bloody thorns, her amazing scent, not to mention this plant’s health and magickal abilities.

Rosehips are the fruit of the rose bush. If the rose’s blossoms are left on the plant and forsake their petals, they form a seed pod and a rosehip is born. Health wise these little blood red beauties contain a variety of antioxidants, and are loaded with vitamins A, and C.

Magickally speaking rosehips are associated with the planet Venus, and of the element Water, but also possess some aspects of Jupiter as well, health benefits being among them. Folkmagick tells of how rosehips can be placed around one’s bed at night, aiding protection from night-terrors and spirits of the darker realms. Rosehips as the Rose itself are steeped in the lore of the planet Venus, used in love spells to entice and encourage love. Being within the Water element makes rosehips a great addition to a witch philter, or a splendid healer of the emotions. So work with or consume rosehips to aid heartbreaks, anxiety, or a love struck mind. For many moons the wise women of the times have made teas of roseh­ips, aiding women’s monthly moon cycles for both the body and the mind. Necklaces or bracelets where made of strung rosehips to bring love and harmony to it’s wearer.

A Rosehip Spell ~

Take a bay leaf and write your desired one’s name, or use it to bring a lover into your life. Grind some catnip, a plant of Venus bringing love, beauty, and happiness. Jasmine flowers, another Venus and Moon plant, bringer of love’s intimate emotions. Lastly rosehips, with their connection to love’s desires and higher vibrational spirits. Cast a circle, or do this informally. Sit in front of your altar in a darkened room, sprinkling a circle of salt & dried rose petals around a red candle. Use an attraction oil if you desire, placing a string of rosehips around the candle while lighting it.

Now light the intended sage leaf from the candle flame. As it begins to burn add it to the other herbs, inhaling the smoke as it rises with your intentions up into the ether. Do this until you feel your spell has been sent. Afterwards scry in a crystal ball, or a black bowl of water, to see visions of your lover by the flame of your candle. Gaze upon the shapes and visions to see what the flame reveals.

This is a Rosehip Strand from my shop that I wildcrafted. I used some hand carved white turquoise skull beads, turquoise being an aid to astral travel and warding off psychic attack. A stone of access to collective wisdom, white turquoise is used in workings for wealth, healing, luck, protection and love. The black lava beads being pourous are infused in essential oils of intention. Rosehips having their said connection to the element of Water, can bring aid to increasing one’s psychic vibrations and divinations. To me rosehips have a dark side as well, the Water element having it’s connection to the underworld and darker realms, and rosehip’s fruits becoming ripe within the dark season. Blood red rosehips amongst the thorns, bringing connection to blood magick, and darker love spells…

This is a recipe I make every year around this time, another way to connect with this magickal plant.

Spiced Rosehip Cordial ~

Enough rosehips to fill half a quart size canning jar, lighty mashed.

1 small cinnamon stick

A few whole cloves

Zest of half a lemon

Bottle of Brandy, (I get a smooth brandy for this)

1 cup dark brown sugar

Note: I like to use Brandy to make this because I think it blends well with the spices and brown sugar, but Vodka and white sugar or honey can be used instead.

Mash the rosehips and add to the clean jar. Add the brown sugar and blend, (I use a wooden chop-stick). I let it sit a bit, then add the remaining ingredients, topping off with the brandy till you reach near the top. Cover and shake well, label and date, and into the cupboard it goes. Give it a shake daily, and periodically you can taste. I let my brews go from New Moon to Full Moon, when ready just strain through muslin, bottle, and enjoy!

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