October 28, 2019

I offer these Samhain evocations as seeds of thought, or for inclusion in your own Samhain rites with a group, or in crafting a personal, solitary rite. Read more

September 25, 2019

I also know my praxis and religious paradigm are very different from both Cunningham’s and Gardner’s Wicca at this point. So I choose a different name for what I do. This inevitably leads to the question, what is the difference between British Traditional Wicca and what I call Modern Witchcraft? Read more

September 21, 2019

Don’t you hate it when group witchcraft becomes a boring, tiresome slog? If you’re in a magickal rite, but you can’t wait for it to be over, then I call that chur-cle, or “church-in-a-circle” Here are some ritual techniques for engaging everyone! Read more

September 8, 2019

At Mabon, Witches celebrate the second harvest of fruits and vegetables, and the shift into the season of autumn. The Autumn Equinox is a time of bounty and feasting, generosity and gratitude. I think of it as Witch’s Thanksgiving. “Balance” is the reason for this season. Read more

August 30, 2019

This index has ideas for protecting home and region from Hurricane and flood damage, and collecting Hurricane Water. Spiritual work is a valid means of lending aid, and can be done from anywhere on Earth, by anyone who cares. This is what witches do: First the energetic work AND THEN real-world action, as we are able. Read more

August 28, 2019

The World is literally on fire, and I am NOT okay. Such heinous things are afoot. Insane things erupt daily to quickly be subsumed by the tsunami of the next global tragedy. As a Piscean witch, my perceptions leave me feeling tossed around like a leaf caught on the surface of that wave. Read more

July 24, 2019

This index of Lunar Witchcraft articles, plus glimpses into my upcoming book, explores a magickal practice according to the auspicious timing of Astrology. Discussing a Nine phase lunation, Dark and New Moons, Blue and Black Moons, Solar and Lunar Eclipses, and Moon Void-of-Course. Read more

July 23, 2019

The Mystic South Conference is expertly organized with a crack team of smart and snarky pagan heroes. They craft a uniquely southern magickal experience, with an eye on broad inclusion and sensitivity. This year I found fellowship, inspiration and great encouragement. Read more

July 9, 2019

Lammas is the Witch’s Grand Sabbat of high summer. I celebrate with garden-fresh food, playing games, and the remembering the interrelationship between toil and harvest, sacrifice and gratitude. This index links to several rituals, tales of my witching adventures, with recipes for the Witch’s summer sabbat. Read more

July 1, 2019

Eclipses are always energetic gateway events. This Solar Eclipse is going to provide a hard reboot to consciousness where Cancer rules, in the realm of family, home, tradition and creativity. Here is a Water Scrying Spell to reveal what can no longer be hidden. Read more

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