Many Witch Hats for Many Seasons

Many Witch Hats for Many Seasons February 21, 2017

As a modern priestess, I am pledged to serve as the hands, feet and voice of the God/dess. As a part of Divine incarnation, I have many jobs that require many hats. Some hats flatter me more than others, but each one has its season, and each season comes with its lessons.

Heron’s “You shall not pass” serious face.

Many Hats, Many Seasons

One of my favorite hats is pointy and wide-brimmed, and when I wear it there is a glamour of mystique and magick.  Shiftings, craftings, seeings then proceed with fierce, provocative power as the crack, flash and blazing witchery forges the Will into being. Both boundary and crossroad quiver in anticipation when this hat leaves it’s peg. I feel very sexy when this is the chapeau du jour.

Alas, this was not the week for my pointy hat.

Priestess Crown

A different hat altogether is my Moon Crown. Only donned on sacred ground, delicate and romantic, the jeweled crescent drapes across my third-eye and I am Her priestess–the vessel of Spirit enfleshed. Temple raised, time slips, ethers part like the mists to find our Avalon of dreams, and we dance, feast and make love all as praise.

This was not the week for my crown, either…<sadface>


Accountant’s Visor

The hat I should be wearing is the accountants visor, some bowler of business, or whatever you call the hat that helps one to enjoy the counting of coin and credit, ciphers in columns, expenses payable and receivable wrestled into meaning, arriving at the bottom line in black or red. I really should tally the taxes and render unto Caesar what he’s due.

Alas, that cruel task-master’s hat fits too tightly for this piscean delusionist, and so it still hangs upon its dusty peg. <sigh>

Thinking Cap

Too often this month, I’ve been a bad, bad girl. Despite the demands of business, and no matter how treacherously high the game of recycling-bin-jenga is stacked, instead I sneak off to wear my thinking cap. This occultist’s hat is my favorite–the mental mortar board, flat and tasseled, fire-proof just in case smoke wafts from my ears as the heat of these ideas ignite.

I keep my nose buried, nib scratching, ink stains on my fingers… I am sometimes the teacher, always the student, most happy when lost in arcane language, with the whirr of new thoughts flaring into light. A gasping A-HA escapes my lips as new data and old knowings connect. Eureka! That is Heron in her natural habitat.

Ostara Bonnet
Heron in her Ostara Bonnet

Hats for the Imbolc-Ostara Transition

After the Imbolc dedications, I was supposed to be working on the deep, esoteric lessons of the Priestesshood, as I am preparing for an upcoming initiation rite. I’d rather pull my cloak-hood over my eyes, slip between the worlds and journey the inner gates by candlelight. But I keep getting interrupted by these competing duties here in the middle world: Hunger, housework, car-pool duty.

Are they distractions? Or are these the real, witching lessons that I’m meant to learn at these inner gates of initiation? As Imbolc’s freeze yields to Ostara’s thaw and the windows are flung wide, I’ve worn an array of less-glamorous hats. Its all a matter of perspective, but I think they are just as necessary, just as sexy, and just as Goddess-y.

Hooded Priestess in Meditation
High Priestess between the pillars of Mercy and Severity. Photo by Heron

Cowgirl’s Hat

There is the Cowgirl’s hat–best worn to wrangle the wild beasts of chaos and need; for the channeling of SHE who is the Chauffer from School, Game and Rehearsal, SHE who is the Procurer of Toilet Paper, Light Bulbs and Air Filters, Great Deliverer of Groceries, Scrubbers and Soap.

Shepherdess Bonnet

There is the Shepherdess Bonnet–best worn for guiding the lost sheep of possessions; for channeling SHE who Tends the Portals of Wash, Dry and Fold, Renderer of That Which Stinks into That Which is Lavender Fresh and Helps Us Keep Our Friends. This bonnet is also stylish while guiding into the correct little hands the errant lunch boxes, sports equipment, homework and instruments; for channeling SHE who Keeps the Whole Family’s Shit Together.

War Helmet and Sword
CC0-Public Domain ~ Pixabay

War Helmet

All the witches are wearing their War Helmets this Imbolc season, as it is very versatile! You can pair it with the protest sign of your choice and wear it to the weekly rallies held just outside every town hall in America. This trendy ensemble is best worn as you channel SHE who Smashes the Patriarchy and SHE Who is Protectress of Uteri from the Evil Forces of Fascism. 

You can pair your helmet with steam-punk safety goggles–best worn when performing the duties of Maintenance Engineer; for channeling SHE Who is a Climber of Ladders, Wielder of Power-Tools, Plungers and Vacuums.

Just add a pair of yellow rubber gloves and you have everything you need to channel the awesome powers of SHE who is Vanquisher of Grime, Garbage, and Clutter.  I banish thee, oh mildew, litter box and shower drain clogs!

Domestic Goddess Kerchief

Other times, my Domestic Goddess hats look more like a Chef’s hat, or a housekeeper’s Kerchief. Each is appropriate when it’s time to put up my hair, and get down to the root business of survival. They fit me well-enough, and are the most well-worn. In them, I wield the Fixed powers of Motherhood and become the channel of SHE who Scrubs the Clean Hearth, and SHE who Nurtures Her Family with Tuna-Noodle Casserole.

The lesson I am learning is that the High Priestess melds the magickal with the mundane, because it is all GOD/DESS.  I’ve learned that the most important of Her aspects that a witch must learn to channel is: SHE Who Does the Yucky Work Because That is Divine Love.  

Blessèd be Her many Divine names. Blessèd be Her earthly vessels. Blessèd be Her Domestic Lessons.

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