WitchCrafting your own Love Spell

WitchCrafting your own Love Spell February 15, 2017

You deserve to be loved. Yes, you deserve to be completely and blushingly appreciated and adored for the magickal, god/dess that you are. Everyone needs more loving relationships to support them in this challenging life, and not just on Valentine’s day. ALL. YEAR. LONG.

A Love spell is relatively easy to design for yourself once you know the correspondences to Love among the Gods and Goddesses, planets, plants, and minerals.  Magick is an art form, meaning you have creative control to express yourself however your beautiful soul desires. Try putting the Craft back in Witchcraft, and have some fun with a love-drawing spell. Spells of this kind can be adapted to sweeten familial relationships, to draw a new lover, or to find a life-long partner.


Love spell altar with poppet, decorated candle and heart-shaped spell Box By Heron Michelle

Magick Spells in Four Simple Steps:

  1. Know: What you want/need deep down, aligning personal will with Divine Will. Apply your creativity to design the spell. Write out your petition on a piece of paper and include it.
  2. Will: Ignite all your passion to accomplish your goals. Apply your Will in gathering ingredients and enacting the spell.
  3. Dare: to change your perspective, to break convention, to carve out the change in the cosmos that you desire. Apply your heart with the courage to become exactly who you want to be.
  4. Silence: Release the working, knowing the end results are on their way to you. Shut up and listen, observe all the ways that the cosmos is responding to you. Apply your body, your resources, to manifesting your Will in the world.

Sympathetic Folk Magick Techniques:

  • Candle: Decorate the outside of a 7-day sanctuary candle to be a “vision board” of what you want. Add a few drops of essential oils, and a sprinkle of herbs and stone chips to the top. Charge with power. Light the candle for a little while each night for the entire two week waxing phase of the moon, while you meditate, and focus your thoughts on the desired outcome while it burns. On the night of full moon, allow it to burn out completely.
  • Spell Bag: Add the ingredients to a red or pink draw string bag, charge it and carry it with you. Traditional Mojo Hands sometimes combine 9 ingredients (Perhaps three herbs, three stones, three symbolic additional items.) Tie the strings with nine knots. Feed the bag a few drops of a love-drawing oil every day. When your new love is found, tuck the bag under the mattress to keep things passionate in the bedroom.
  • Spell Box or Jar: Exactly the same as for the bag, filling the vessel with the spell ingredients and decorating the outside to reflect your intention. These are more customizable, and rather than carrying it with you, keep it on your altar. I’ve used the crafty heart-shaped boxes and jars you can find at craft stores before Valentines day. Write yourself a love letter as if written by your ideal lover, roll it up and keep it in the jar or box. Read it to yourself often. Jars can also be buried on your property to bring love home to roost.
  • Poppet: (See below for a pattern) Out of pink or red felt, sew a little dolly to represent yourself. Make it look like you in as much detail as you like. Stuff it with the herbs, stones, your petition paper, a copper penny, a lock of your hair, and any other ingredients you desire. Sigils can be drawn/sewn to the poppet as a power focus. Feed the dolly a few drops of Love Drawing Oil and say loving affirmations to the poppet/yourself every day until your love is found.  “I am lovable; I am loving; I am love; I am in happy relationships with the people who are correct and the most beneficial to me, for the highest good of all involved, harming none.” Your poppet may be kept in a shoe-box full of dried rose petals under your bed.


All three of these forms of sympathetic magick create a physical representation that represents what you want for yourself. Charge it with power, and set it vibrating like an energetic magnet to attract more of the same to you here in the Middle World. Make this symbol the most beneficial, powerful, kick-ass version of your most dearly-loved self. The more thought, time, and energy you put into these workings, the more quickly and powerfully they will manifest.

Decorated 7-day sanctuary candle as a love drawing spell. Scrap-booking papers, Lovers Tarot Image, affirmations, a mirror, felt hearts and ribbons. This makes for a fun Valentine's Day craft project. ~Heron Michelle
Decorated sanctuary candle as a love drawing spell. Scrap-booking papers, Lovers Tarot Image, affirmations, a mirror, felt hearts and ribbons. This makes for a fun Valentine’s Day craft project. ~Heron Michelle

Auspicious Days to Perform a Love Spell

  • Venus’ planetary number is four: create love spells with combinations of 4 ingredients.
  • Friday is Venus’ day–perform spells for love on Friday.
  • Sunday is the day for Solar Gods. Solar magick lends masculine intensity to a spell.
  • The Festival of Adonia, honoring the Greek Gods Adonis and Aphrodite, is celebrated on the first full moon after the Spring equinox in the Northern Hemisphere.
  • The fourth day of every month is Aphrodite’s feast day.

Getting Personal:

Personal effects can be powerful magical ingredients. These are often called “tag-locks” and will tag the spell to YOU.  Try adding a picture of yourself, a lock of your hair, a favorite perfume or cologne, or a heart shaped paper with your name written on it.

Remember that it is unethical to name another person in a love spell, as it over rides their free-will. The unfortunate side effect of that type of command-mode magick is obsession, rather than genuine love. I recommend listing the qualities of your ideal lover, rather than a specific name.

Stones, Crystals, Metals:

Pink Opal: gentle loving connection with romantic partners; awakens and clears past issues.

Amethyst: Feminine, Jupiter, Water
Strengthens commitment between lovers and calms emotions. Wear with Rose Quartz to awaken consciousness to self love, nurturing and forgiveness.

Emerald: Feminine, Venus, Earth
Brings new love, attracts interest and opportunities and soothes the heart

Garnet: Masculine, Mars, Fire
Enhances vigor and endurance. Removes blockages, increased personal magnetism. Deep and passionate love.

Moonstone: Feminine, Moon, Water
Brings love, mediates between lovers and give a youthful appearance.

Rose Quartz: Feminine, Moon, Water
Promote peace, happiness and fidelity in relationships, attracts unconditional love of all kinds and self-esteem.

Rhodochrosite: Encourages eroticism, arouses passions. Heals the heart from past wounds.

Red Tiger’s Eye: Helps move energy for sexual drive and desire by rejuvenating the root chakra.

Copper: The metal of Venus, attracts love. A copper penny is an easy way to incorporate this metal into your working.

Lodestone: The natural magnetic stone that will attract to you those things that you value.


Top of decorated Love Candle sprinkles with a few herbs, stone chips and drops of Love-Drawing oils.
Top of decorated Love Candle sprinkled with 4 each of plants, stone chips and drops of Love-Drawing oils – 4 is the number of Venus ~Heron Michelle

Herbs, Oils and Resins:

Basil: Masculine, Mars, Fire
Soothes tempers between lovers, ensures fidelity, and attracts a distant lover. When the oil is worn as perfume attracts new lovers. Burn the dry herb for love divinations.

Cardamom: Feminine, Water, Venus Love, Lust.
Add to warmed wine for a quick love potion.

Cinnamon: Masculine, Sun, Fire, Venus
Spices up a relationship, enchants potential mates, and brings success in love. Healing, power, lust.

Damiana: Masculine, Mars, Fire
Attracts love, fuels lust and produces visions. Infuse in wine for a quick lust potion.

Dragon’s Blood Resin: Masculine, Mars, Fire
Love, protection, potency, exorcism.
Entices errant lovers to return. Drives evil away.

Jasmine: Feminine, Moon, Water
Attracts spiritual love and peace. Brings prophetic dreams.

Juniper Berries: Masculine, Sun, Fire
Increases male potency, brings protection and security.

Lavender: Masculine, Mercury, Air
Attracts men, brings peace to relationships and grants wishes.

Orange Peel: Masculine, Sun, Fire
Love, divination, luck, money.
Dried peel and seeds added to love sachets

Orris Root: Feminine, Water, Venus
Love protection, divination.
Used to find and hold love, often a main ingredient in “love drawing powder.”

Rose Petals: Feminine, Venus, Water
Attracts and honors love. Love divination, calm, healing, protection.

Rosemary: Masculine, Sun, Fire
Induces lust, brings love and provides protection.

Rose Geranium: Feminine, Water, Venus
Fertility, Health, Love, Protection.
Pink geranium flowers used for love spells.

Sandalwood Powder or Essential Oil: Feminine, Moon, Water
Burned to bring love, aids seduction.

Thyme: Feminine, Water, Venus
Love, healing, courage, purification.
A bath of thyme and marjoram are said to rid a person of the sorrows and ills of the past.

Vanilla Bean: Feminine, Venus, Water
Induces lust, sweetens relationships, and restores lost energy.

White Willow Bark: Feminine, Moon, Water
Attracts love, prophesies future relationships, and protects.

Back it Up with Middle world Action:

  • Get out there. Allow opportunity to happen.
  • Pay attention to the subtle flow of things, and go with that flow.
  • Release expectation on how you think it should turn out.
  • Attend to your physical health and vitality. Good nutrition, grooming, rest, exercise, medical care, pampering.
  • Nurture your mind, spirit, heart.  What makes you happy? What do you enjoy? What makes you feel attractive? DO THOSE THINGS.
  • Love others; do kind deeds; smile, because like attracts like. A heart already opened from the giving of love, is prepared to receive love.

May all your love spells draw toe-curling, spine-tingling, soul-igniting good times!

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