Witches Unite in a Spell Against Flood Damage in Texas

Witches Unite in a Spell Against Flood Damage in Texas August 29, 2017

Last year, my region was hit with significant flood damage. I live on the Tar River near the coast, so we know the fury of Hurricanes, and what it is like to see your home, town and neighborhoods drowning in their aftermath. Far.too.much. However, what is happening right now in Houston and the Gulf Coast region of Texas, is orders of magnitude more serious than anything I’ve ever experienced. Which is saying something, since I long ago lived in Houston during the 2001 flood that was Gods awful. I have many friends there still and I’ve been worried sick about what is happening right now.

Hurricane Harvey is powerful, but so are we. Let’s harness our collective magickal might and do what we can to aid our countrymen along the Gulf Coast of Texas. Worrying over things doesn’t help anybody; action does. Action backed by Magick can change the world. Witches FLY! Priests and Priestesses ARISE! Join me now in the working of this spell.

A Spell Against Flood Damage in Texas

I first worked this spell here last year to protect my own neighbors, and have now gussied it up for a reworking for Houston and the Gulf Coast region, wherever aid is needed. Adapt it as necessary to suit your tradition, with the materials you have on hand.

Protection from Flooding Spell working Altar ~Heron
Protection from Flood Damage: Spell working Altar ~Heron

A Witch’s Prayer For Aid Against Flood Damage

Great Ones! Gods, Guides, Angels!  Hark unto my call.
Great Mother, Great Father nurture and protect The Gulf Coast and Houston, Texas, in their time of need.

Be with them now, we pray. (Lights White Candles)

Ancestors of Spirit! (claps hands three times) Mighty Dead of The Craft, draw near!
Awaken within us the old powers, tried and true;
Shelter our Gulf-coast neighbors from all harm and aid them in their time of need.
Be with them now, we pray. (Lights Black Candle)

Ancestors of the Blood! (pounds chest in heart-beat pattern three times)
Our beloved dead, Mothers and Fathers of their lines, back through the reach of time,
Return once more to hearth and home, protect their children and pets,
make strong their foundation stones and shelter them from all harm.
Awaken within them your tenacity to survive; that will aid them in their time of need.
Be with them now, we pray. (Pours out offering of liquor)

Ancestors of the Land! (Stamps foot on ground three times.)
Those who’ve cultivated and protected our Gulf Coast lands in your time,
those who’ve lived there, worked there, died to defend our country and been laid to rest there,
Return once more to farm and city, harbor and armory.
Protect their livelihoods, their crops, their livestock, their buildings.
Keep safe our sacred places, our cemeteries and temples.
Awaken within our country the brotherly love so that we may rise together as one people, to overcome the challenges that lay ahead;
aid us all in our time of need.
Be with us now, we pray.

Spell Against Flood Damage in Texas
Map of Gulf Coast region of Texas with Rune Algiz for Protection Graphic by Heron Michelle

Assemble Spell Materials

  • Lay a printed map of the Gulf Coast and Houston, Texas region on your altar paten/pentacle. One I created from Google Maps above can be printed on regular printer paper.
  • The Rune Algiz for protection and defense is drawn over map in Red – I choose red to call in the firey protection of Mars energy.
  • On top of the Map, place a monopoly house piece (or any other figure that represents “home” and infrastructure that you may have. Toy figures work well.)
  • Surround the house with hematite, rose quartz, blue lace agate, and something made of iron. I had an iron nail.
  • Ring everything with red rose petals, or any flower that resonates love, peace, brotherhood, the Goddess’ protection.

Empowering with the Four Classical Elements

(Lights Incense)
Powers of Air, of intellect and wise governance. Be with us now!
Blow free all confusion; lend your powers of critical thinking and aid all our officials, aid workers and citizens in beneficial decision making as they ride out this storm and flood.
Keep them safe from harm.
In gratitude, we call you into this working.
(blows incense gently over items on pentacle.)

I visualize a clearing and calming of wind, rain and atmosphere itself. I see the atmosphere around Texas and the Gulf Coast glowing yellow.

Map of Region, Rune of shielding, stones, iron nail and rose petals on my altar pentacle.
Map of Region, Rune of shielding, a house figurine, stones, iron nail and rose petals on my altar pentacle.

(Lights Red Fire Candle)
Powers of Fire, of action and protection. Be with us now!
Ignite within them the motivation to work selflessly and genuinely to help their neighbors, the strength to persevere through difficult times, and the power to rebuild in ways that improve their community in the future.

With your power they rise into resolute, well-organized, and beneficial action.
Awaken within us all a sacred mission of generosity that will serve our country’s highest good.
We surrender to your fires all hubris, all unhealthy ego-attachment to unnecessary material possessions, to political division, and to greed.
Keep them safe from harm.
In gratitude, we call you into this working.
(Touches iron nail to the flame, then uses nail to draw an invoking pentagram over top of the spell materials.)

I visualize the people of Texas and the Gulf Coast, especially the police, national guard, officials and aid workers, rising into action to the aid of their neighbors like a well-armored and well-provisioned army, setting out to battle in perfect formation. I see the people of Texas glowing red.

(Touches purified waters)
Powers of Water, of intuition and acceptance! Be with us now!
Awaken their instincts, grace and compassion. Help their emotions ebb and flow with these waters with a calm acceptance that all things change.
Bring succor to those who are grieving their losses.
Your flood waters now accept their boundaries, flowing gently, evaporating quickly, finding the least damaging path to the sea.

Powers of Water, protect their water systems from pollution and disease.
Protect their municipal treatment systems so they may do their work.
Keep them safe from harm.
In gratitude, we call you into this working.
(Sprinkles waters upon the ring of rose petals.)

I visualize the flood waters themselves, crystal clear, clean, flowing gently and easily, receding back to their normal boundariess, accepting the safe barriers that are intended to hold them. I see the waters Texas glowing blue.

(Touches Sea Salt)
Powers of Earth, of stability and fortification! Be with us now!
Keep our neighbors along the Gulf Coast of Texas deeply rooted into their own power, and nourished so that they make do the work before them.
Empower the dams, levies and retention walls to hold fast and steady.
Be the sturdy banks that guide the water in the least destructive way possible to a peaceful resolution.
Aid their farmers, and protect their fields, so that they may have the food needed to sustain them.
Be the energetic wall that defends their homes and businesses from destruction.
Keep them safe from harm.
In gratitude, we call you into this working.
(Sprinkles salt in a ring around the rose petals)

I visualize a strengthening of foundation stones, footers, piers and retaining walls; the metals and minerals of the earth itself know their purpose, to be strong and guide the waters. I see crystalline grids forming around all vulnerable areas and systems. I see the very land glowing green.


Great Ones! Gods, Guides, and Angels! All those who keep us safe and illuminate the path before us.
Powers of East, South, West and North! All those from Above and Below who answer our call, in gratitude we set you to your work!
Great Mother, grant them your grace. As the moon waxes into fullness, I anchor their protection to Her growing power.
Then as she wanes, may the effect of these flood waters wane quickly with her.
Great Father, grant us your strength. As the sun wanes into autumn, guide us through these dark times. Help us find our mettle, rising into our power.
Strengthen our Nation through this adversity, so that we may find the most qualified leadership to guide us into a compassionate and prosperous future.

For the Highest Good of all involved, harming none.
In gratitude, our intentions are made manifest.
As is our will, it is so. SO MOTE IT BE!

I clap my hands three times, and leave the working to burn for a while. Then I return, as I am able, to relight and repeat, giving thanks for each small miracle that unfolds. I will continue this working daily until the Harvest moon is full: September 6th at 3:03 am.

May our country grow in strength and unity through these difficult times. Thank you for joining me in this working, all my lovely witches of the world. Your work is important! Please leave me a comment to let me know you’ve joined me. We can also meet in discussion about options and adaptations on my Witch on Fire: Heron Rising Services Facebook Page, which I encourage you to like and follow.

Now, if you have a few bucks to spare, consider donating to this Harvey Disaster Relief Fund set up by the City of Houston itself. Every little bit counts.

~Heron Michelle

Also, I’ve recently purchased the domain that redirects more easily here to Patheos Pagan.

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