A Solar Eclipse in Cancer and the Dark Moon Reboot

A Solar Eclipse in Cancer and the Dark Moon Reboot July 1, 2019

A total solar eclipse will occur on Tuesday, July 2, 2019 at 3:16pm Eastern Time. However, it will not be observable from North America, which is probably why you haven’t seen much hype about it in the US.  The total solar eclipse will be visible just before sunset from small parts of Chile and Argentina; other parts of South America and the Pacific may be able to view a partial solar eclipse. Whether you can see the event or not is irrelevant to the magickal opportunity this moment presents. Eclipses are always energetic gateway events, and my witchy senses tell me that this one is going to provide a Hard Reboot to consciousness where Cancer rules, in the realm of family, home, tradition and creativity.

Solar Eclipse: Free Vector Design by: www.vecteezy.com

Science: For solar eclipse to occur, four things must happen

  1. It must be the moment of Dark Moon, when the Moon passes between the earth and the sun. This is often referred to as “New Moon,” though I really wish they wouldn’t. From Earth we see the dark side of the moon, blocking out the sunlight. The moon then casts a shadow across some part of the earth which we call an Umbra, or Penumbra.
  2. The moon is at or near a lunar node, which means it is very close to one of the two points where the orbital planes meetSome degree of Solar eclipse happens 2-5 times per year. If it weren’t for the 5º angle of the Moon’s orbital path around Earth, we would have an eclipse at every full and dark moon. But because of the varying angles of the orbital planes of earth, moon and sun, they only intersect perfectly for a total eclipse a little less than once a year.
  3. There is a perfect syzygy alignment of Sun–>Moon–>Earth. Syzygy is what we call that straight alignment between astronomical bodies.
  4. Moon is near perigee, or at a closest point to earth on her elliptical orbit. (The furthest point is called apogee.)

Magickally speaking, a Solar Eclipse is just as much a lunar event, as a Lunar Eclipse is a solar event. All eclipses occur because of the swirling dance of earth, moon and sun together through the cosmos. That whole dance takes place on the stellar stage of the Zodiac. I’ve written about the magick of a Lunar Eclipse here.

Magick: Astrological Things to Know about Eclipses:

(According to my particular wiccan-esque, neo-pagan mythos. Your symbolism may vary…)

  1. Sun=God+Conscious Awareness. Moon=Goddess+Sub-conscious awareness. Earth=God+Goddess.
  2. Solar eclipses happen at Dark Moon, when both Sun and Moon are conjunct in the same zodiac sign. Dark moons enforce that sign’s energies on both a conscious and sub-conscious level.
  3. Lunar Eclipses happen at the Full moon, when the sun and moon are opposed in zodiac signs on opposite sides of the wheel. Full moons balance opposing energies, revealing both sides of a polarity lesson: one on a conscious level and the other on the sub-conscious level.
  4. The particulars of those lessons, and the mode of that eclipse energy, will be determined by the zodiac signs the sun and moon are in at the time.
  5. Once you know all that, the rest of the magick is just a poetic drama you direct to good use in your life.

Though the earth, moon and sun are vastly different sized bodies, at vastly different distances from each other in space, they are perfectly coordinated to create the illusion on earth that they are the same size. So when they pass in front of each other at any eclipse, their disks overlap exactly. For me, that alone is some mystical affirmation about the Divinity in all things!

Neo-pagan and witchy people often poetically equate the Sun with the Father God, and the moon with the Mother Goddess, and the Earth as their material off-spring – resulting from the intersection of their Divine Polarity. The beauty of this poetry is that from our vantage point on Earth all three members of that “family” are equal in size and influence, and take turns giving, receiving, cradling and shadowing each other.

So, what to do about it? Obviously, all eclipses are magickally auspicious, and every astrologer has an opinion about how these energies will play out on earth. I’ve meditated on this question in preparation of my own witchery, and was given this message: Total Solar Eclipses are a HARD REBOOT to both conscious and sub-conscious awareness: the dark truth will be revealed in the light of day to be dealt with. The astral veil will draw back and something our sub-conscious has long known will emerge into our conscious awareness, giving us the chance to correct our course in alignment with Highest Divine Will.

The Dark Moon for me is always about that gateway that lies between an old cycle and a new cycle. It is the mutable phase, where the previous lessons are integrated into awareness. Then there is a transmutation to reset the systems, and prepare us for whatever comes next. Dark moons are a threshold between what stepping stones brought us here, and the path that lies beyond.

The Dark Moon is a system reboot to the sub-conscious. The moon’s influence is slack at this phase, the astral realm is less heavily guarded. Dark moon is the monthly equivalent of the “thin veil between worlds” as the Samhain-Yule phase of the Solar year. So ancestral communication and divination to psychically *see* would be easier at Dark Moon. When the moon passes over the sun, we have a solar equivalent to the dark moon happening at the same time. Which is why this is such a double whammy.

Cancer = Family, home, tradition, heritage, creativity

What kind of truths will be forced into conscious awareness? Where does this particular gateway lead us? In cancer, this would effect the realms of family, home, tradition, and heritage – likely even the relationship with your mother. It could affect your watery aspects of emotion, empathy, and creativity.

My intuitive tinglings around this magickal event keep coming back to the analogy of the Hard Reboot of the operating systems that normally govern our foundational programming in regards to these family and tradition dynamics. While the typical dark moon is like a scheduled restart of sub-conscious awareness, and the Samhain season is a scheduled restart of the conscious awareness, a Solar Eclipse is metaphorically like what happens with our computer was jammed up and just froze. Something that is happening did NOT QUITE COMPUTE, and the system was overwhelmed in some kind of feedback loop. On my Mac computer, I call it “the spinning beach-ball of doom” twirling away, giving me the hard nope on whatever I thought was possible.

I think a Solar Eclipse is the astrological equivalent of just holding down the computer’s *off button” until all else is overridden, and the system is forced to shut down, then restart from scratch. Those hard-reboots are not great. Nobody likes it when this last resort much be used, least of all your operating system. But they are necessary if you mean to get anything done in the future.

Solar Eclipse is a System Reset

A Solar Eclipse will shut down what was stuck, and reset your system, in this case I think it will most effect home, family, heritage and tradition. If you’re a witch, it could touch your spiritual family of choice, and the magickal traditions you share. Brace for Coven-Drama Impact! You may lose something you’ve worked hard to build. In this case, perhaps some relationship, or creative endeavor you’ve been foolishly feeding into for a long time will be revealed to be a waste of your effort. Ultimately, these are all very good things to know.

Perhaps your loyalties, love and trust have been misdirected to those who would harm and exploit, but you just couldn’t let go before…couldn’t see their falsehood. Perhaps your intuition has been niggling you, but you didn’t want to believe that something was wrong. Now is your time to expose that harm and deal with it properly.

Maybe you’re the one who’s been doing the harm to your family or tradition? Much like getting suddenly stripped naked in a spotlight, under the solar eclipse in cancer the lies you’ve told, and the crimes you’ve committed, will be revealed. The consequences of your actions will come due for repayment. Remember that Karma is only a bitch if you’re one first. In the long run, it’s likely best to just get the ugly business over with already so you can move-on without the constant nagging fear of “when.”

Cancer Solar Eclipse: Water Scrying Divination

In the darkness of the Solar Eclipse, the moon will reveal the truth. As I recommend on all dark moons, spend some time during the hour around the solar eclipse doing a divination to seek clarity on what revelations may come, and then what to do about it. You’ll want to look up the time of that for your time-zone here.

Since we are in a water sign, this would be a great time for water scrying in a black bowl or cauldron of water. I tend to keep charged waters on hand that I’ve naturally collected, like rain water, and then charged under a full moon with some moonstone. To keep the water from going funky, I’ll add grape brandy in a 50/50 ratio to preserve it. Then when I need altar or scrying water, I fill my vessel with clean fresh natural water, and add 9 drops of my charged lunar “mother water.” Due to the Law of Contagion, the lunar charge will then transfer to the new water throughout.

When scrying, I also add a drop of a lunar-associated anointing oil, like a blend of olive oil with three-nine drops of an essential oil with lunar correspondences. Examples: myrrh, gardenia, jasmine, sandalwood, lemon, bergamot…  I think the oiliness on the surface aids in deepening the visions. I place a silver coin or other round object of silver in the bottom of the vessel.

Materials and Technique:

See my graphic above for a layout of the spell working space.

  • Work at a table or altar where you can sit comfortably and stare into the scrying water for an extended period of time.
  • A large mirror set at the back of the altar behind the candles, reflecting all the light back to myself. I can also see myself in the mirror. On the glass of the mirror itself, with a dry erase marker, or a lipstick, draw the sigil for cancer large.
  • In front of that mirror, a Gold or Yellow candle for the sun in cancer. Inscribe and anoint as you see fit.
  • In front of the sun candle in a straight line towards yourself, a Silver or Blue candle for the moon in cancer. Inscribe and anoint as you see fit.
  • Completing a straight line of candles between the mirror and myself, I add a Purple candle for the Earth and myself opening my receptive centers to their energies. Inscribe and anoint as you see fit.
  • The Black bowl or cauldron for scrying immediately in front of me. Add 3 drops of oil and a silver coin or object.
  • Light some incense if that is your custom. Myrrh is an ideal option if you have it.
  • Open your sacred space. Call on your Divine Guides to aid you and set the magickal stage in that special way that you do.
  • Set your intention to open yourself to the revelations of the Solar Eclipse in Cancer. You scry to discover the truth that will align you to Highest Divine Will, and the path ahead for your family, traditions, home, relationships and creative endeavors.
  • Light each candle from the back of the altar, forward. Naming each to their purpose and visualize drawing the powers and lessons of cancer from the outer cosmos, down to yourself through each successive candle. See yourself tapped into and flowing freely within that light.
  • With the purple candle, see your third eye opening, as the veil is parted. State: I am am an open channel of communication. Let Highest Divine Guidance flow through me.
  • Get into your meditative state, and then cast your eyes in soft focus onto the surface of the water. Allow your mind to open, and wander through whatever thoughts and images emerge. Try not to become attached to anything you see, or reactive. Just let them flow from an outside observer’s vantage point.
  • Have your notebook, and a good pen available for drawing and writing what comes up for you.
  • Make sure to ask specifically what actions to take moving forward, to realign your personal will with Highest Divine Will through the coming lunation. Write everything down.

Whatever comes up for you on Tuesday, may the outcome be an improvement for all involved, harming none.


About Heron Michelle
Heron Michelle is a witch, high priestess, mom, artist and shopkeeper living in Greenville, North Carolina. Connect with her on Facebook: Witch on Fire, and follow her on Twitter @HeronMichelle13. You can read more about the author here.
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