Witch on Fire-side Chats with Heron Michelle: COVID-19 Tarot Message

Witch on Fire-side Chats with Heron Michelle: COVID-19 Tarot Message April 2, 2020

COVID-19 remains the creeping bane holding the world in its terrible grip. My state, county and city all issued “stay at home” mandates, which have my metaphysical shop doors closed, and our events postponed. No problem, we’ll do whatever we have to do to flatten the curve, and mitigate the spread of exposure. Everyone is stressed out, anxious and seeking any kind of clarity and direction to see us through. So, the other night, on a madcap whim, I jumped onto my Witch on Fire: Heron Rising Services Facebook page, and started live-streaming from my home temple and witch-crafting room. I just wanted to be present, to feel open and interconnected again in a useful way. I also need to raise funds for my shop so I can keep my staff and bills paid. I called it a “Witch on Fire-side Chat,” because puns make me happy.

In the first video I offered some candle charging 101 technique, and a demo of my Jewel of Power Tarot Reading. That message sought clarity on the unfolding pandemic, and was incredibly helpful to my own state of mind. Spirit really wow-ed us all for how on-the-nose those cards were.

I’ve decided to open up my home temple via Facebook Livestream throughout April 2020, on Tuesday, Friday and Sunday nights at 9:00pm EST. You can click the image below to view the first video. I hope you’ll join me for future chats, ask me questions, and possibly kick in a contribution through paypal at orders@thesojo.com.

Witch on Fire-side Chats with Heron Michelle
“Witch on Fire-Side Chats” with Heron Michelle during April 2020, on Tuesday, Friday and Sunday nights at 9:00 pm EST. Facebook Live: facebook.com/witchonfire

Covid-19 Pandemic Tarot Divination:

On the video linked above, I offered the following tarot divination and my interpretation. This spread is my own creation, based on the inner and outer elemental mysteries which I’m calling the Jewel of Power. All of that will be explained in detail in the book I’m currently working on for Llewellyn Worldwide. These are the highlights of that reading:

Position: Spirit, Personal, Internal focus
Card: 10 of Wands, Oppression.
Astrology: Saturn in Sagittarius

The message from Spirit in this reading is like the situation card. What issue in your life do They come to offer advice upon? Think of it like a hallmark greeting card from Divinity, in this case The God, advising on our inner personal situation. The message here is clear;  Our personal will and impulses are bound and oppressed, we are all feeling isolated. A strong fear of disapproval or punishment ruled the moment, and we’re feeling a bit like caged animals.

Spirit isn’t messing around tonight. Gonna get right to the heart of the matter.

Position: Air, To Know
Card: Knight of Wands
Astrology: Fiery aspect of Fire

Mentally, we KNOW that increased insights are developing, and a huge boost of dynamic forward motion is coming. The quest this knight is on will bring changes to our perceptions and consciousness. These challenges brought by Covid-19 will help us to grow as a society, and as people. We just have to remain awake and aware, grateful for the beneficial changes that nature is granting us right now.

Covid-19 Tarot Divination by Heron Michelle

Position: Fire, To Surrender
Card: III The Empress
Astrology: Venus

Willfully, we SURRENDER ourselves to the transformative fires of compassion, beauty, and grace. Like a mother who selflessly sacrifices for her children, we also shift into the matriarchal, cooperative modes of working together for the greater good, centered in love and care for the human family.

Position: Water, To Accept
Card: 5 of Swords, Defeat
Astrology: Venus in Aquarius

Emotionally, we ACCEPT that fear of defeat dominates this moment, we are off-balance currently. We are afraid to see our sense of control slipping away. The fear of painful experiences is the mold by which are emotional waters are being formed. But fear is irrational in nature. “The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself.” Fear of a thing does not necessarily reflect the true nature of the situation. But if we can release the fear that binds us, remember that control was an illusion anyway, so letting go of fear will set our hearts free.

Position: Earth, To be Silent
Card: 2 of Disks, Change
Astrology: Jupiter in Capricorn

Physically, we need to BE SILENT. Sit down, shut up, and STOP running around like beheaded chickens. DO NOT body-check the senior citizens to hoard the last pack of toilet paper. There is nothing for us to do here, except hold the space peacefully because change is inevitable. Struggle is the option you don’t have to take. Growth and expansion into luckier, more stable and secure realities are already on their way. Something better and more abundant will come from all this if you can just calm the f*ck down, trust the process, and let it happen.

Position: Next Instruction
Card: IX The Hermit
Astrology: Virgo

So what does Spirit ask us to do next? THE HERMIT! Stay HOME. Allow your isolation away from the crowds so you can find yourself, and your own insights. Turn off the news, unplug from the screaming cacophony of social media, and punditry.  Seek wise guidance within your own soul, and you’ll find your way. Reexamine everything you thought you knew, shine a new light on the situation, and you’ll develop a new perspective. Quite literally, The Hermit cards advises that you AVOID CROWDS, and SOCIAL DISTANCE. Figure out how to enjoy your own company! Take your witchy lantern for the inner trip. Enjoy time walking your dog. (Cerberus the three-headed hell-hound of Hades appears with the Hermit on the Thoth tarot image.)

Teeshirt and Swag fundraiser for The Sojourner

As another fundraising income stream to support my shop The Sojourner, we have a variety of designs on clothing, stickers, mugs, canvas shopping totes and other swag available. Check out our store at Teespring: The Sojourner Tees.

Be well, and stay safe out there. I appreciate your support!
~Heron Michelle

About Heron Michelle
Heron Michelle is a witch, high priestess, mom, artist and shopkeeper living in Greenville, North Carolina. Connect with her on Facebook: Witch on Fire, and follow her on Twitter @HeronMichelle13. You can read more about the author here.
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