Lunar Feasting Spell for Holistic Balance in Winter

Lunar Feasting Spell for Holistic Balance in Winter December 29, 2020

During the winter season, consider tapping the magick of elemental earth for balancing your health. In the northern hemisphere, the dark rest of winter occurs while the sun travels through the zodiac signs of Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces. There will be full moons during each of these time periods. The full moon brings the balance of the opposite sign across the zodiac, providing three different energetic filters of balancing opportunity. Water and Earth balance physical and emotional health. Air and Fire balance mental and motivational health. The following two-part spell is appropriate for solitary witchcraft at home, or shared among members of a household. Pick a moon this season, and plan for some practical magick!

Winter Lunar Spells for Full and waning moon
Creative Commons – Pixabay Lunar phases

Auspicious Timing with Astrology and Elemental Witchcraft

Cold Moon: Earth/Water
Balancing Physical Health with emotional nurturing
Sun in Capricorn, Full moon in Cancer
Tuesday, December, 29th, 2020 10:28 pm EST

Quickening Moon: Air/Fire
Balancing Mental health with motivations of True Will
Sun in Aquarius, Full moon in Leo
Thursday, January 28, 2021 2:16 pm EST

Storm Moon: Water/ Earth
Balancing Emotional health with physical organization
Sun in Pisces, Full moon in Virgo
Saturday, February. 27, 2021 3:17 am EST

Holistic Household Magick

Understanding that human beings are more than just their flesh, is a holistic perspective. My mental, emotional, will and spiritual selves are more than just the mechanics of firing nerve impulses, glands squirting hormones and a voracious metabolism. To balance my physical body, I treat all the layers of myself as mirrors of each other. Because they are interwoven, the “cause” of any physical disease I have, may not have a physical cause at all; it may originate in my thoughts or emotions, etc.

What is the cause of this effect?  From what aspect of consciousness does this cause originate? My fears, ideas, emotions, actions? For example: a headache or indigestion may be the result of stress and anxiety which originate within the mental and emotional bodies.

The physical realm that we can touch is one of the easiest realms to manipulate, because we are raised to it. In the middle world, cause and effect are easy to see; I push it, it falls down. Witches use sympathetic magick, which is a symbolic act that manipulates the physical realm, so that we can mirror changes up through the non-physical realms.

Ask yourself what physical things down here in the world of matter can you do symbolically to improve your balance on all levels of self? The creative possibilities are endless.

When you’re feeling out of balance on any level, feeling like you’re losing your existential footing, pull-back, and go focus on mundane survival tasks. There is more than just enlightenment to be found through our day-to-day labors. Don’t just survive, thrive through each moment. The following spells illustrate practical methods of engaging all five bodies of yourself, physical, mental, emotional, will and spiritual, as you create mindful changes through practical tasks.

Waxing towards Imbolc
Wheel of the Year Graphic – Winter – by Heron Michelle

Full Moon Sovereign’s Feast Spell: Operation Gourmet

In this earthy magick, we’re using the mundane tasks of the physical realm in sympathetic magick to help order our subtle bodies, which may be causing us stress. For this exercise, going to a restaurant won’t cut it. If you figure out how to prepare the meal, do the work, and conquer all the obstacles to create not only what you need, but what is beautiful, then you are magickally creating the necessary changes on every level of yourself, not just your tummy.

Auspicious Timing: Night of a full moon while she is still waxing, within 13 hours of exact full moon peak, or 180º opposition to the sun, so that the peak is well after you’ve finished eating the meal. Remember that sometimes the peak is in the middle of the day, and such you’ll want to shift back one night.


  • Find a delicious new recipe–something fancier and healthier than you normally attempt to cook. Watch a YouTube video on how to prepare it, if necessary (mental). Remember that the herbs we use in magick spells are quite often culinary herbs, and so you can choose the flavor profile with magickal intent. For example, Basil and garlic are herbs of fire, and Pine Nuts bring powers of earth. So, a nice pesto prepared with power and intent becomes a potion to bring the energy and hustle into your financial success.
  • Go to the market on a special mission for the ingredients to cook your meal. (Will).
  • Don’t forget a dessert, and a nice beverage (a wine or other spirit, or non-alcoholic as you prefer) to go with your meal.
  • Table settings and dressings for beauty and also to serve as your altar: seasonal flowers or decorations, symbols of your intention
  • Bowl of salt, bowl of water, candles, you can skip the incense this time, as that may clash with the scent of your food.
  • Set an extra place at the table, as an offering plate.


  • Name the meal as a symbol for the improved physical state of being that you want to embody: “Sovereign’s Feast,” or “Robust Repast.”
  • Clean and organize your kitchen and dining table as an informal sacred space.
  • Set a beautiful table fit for Martha Stewart, with just as much attention and ceremonial importance as you would lay out your altar for a Grand Sabbat. This dinner table is your altar.


Cast your energetic temple, pushing the boundaries of the sphere to include your whole house. Open the elemental gateways. Call your ancestors and guides to aid your preparations. For example, was there a beloved elder, now passed, who was a great cook and whose memory could be honored as you cook? (We’ll save the other evocations of spirit for when we bless the finished meal.)

The first part of this magick takes place in the kitchen, as you cook the meal. Energetically awaken each ingredient and set it to its spiritual work, just like any other spell. For example: “spirit of carrot, awaken now to your powers of sustenance and enrich this working for my highest good…etc.” (Spiritual)

Prepare the meal, and plate it up as if you are royalty, because you are sovereign at this table! (physical.)

Turn off all the TV’s and hide your phone. Put on some inspiring music. Light the good candles to illuminate the meal and set a magickal atmosphere.

Draw up the elemental powers of earth from your roots in the bedrock below. Hold your hands over the plate of food, and imbue it with the energies of health and abundance.

Draw a banishing pentagram of earth over the meal, to banish all potential harm (and excess calories!)

Evoke God/dess to be present with you, and make an offering of a small portion of your meal onto the spare plate. Offer a heart-felt prayer of gratitude to the lives exchanged for your sustenance, the plants, minerals, and animals which will sustain and heal your body.

Enjoy every bite (emotional.) Savor it, breathe deeply, chew slowly. Don’t forget dessert! Each bite is an offering of Self to the spirit within. You are a God/dess, may you never hunger! Each sip of your delicious beverage is an act of worship, and a reminder that we are here to enjoy being alive. You are a God/dess, may you never thirst!

When you’ve finished your meal, and are ready to close, thank and release the powers that attended your ritual meal, and affirm the work is complete. Deconstruct your temple and close the elemental gates. Extinguish the candles.

Clear the table, and put away your magickal things. Tidy up a bit, but save the major dishes for tomorrow, and the second part of this spell. I give sacred permission to let the pots and pans “soak” overnight.

CC0 Public Domain ~ Pixabay

Waning Moon Reset Spell: Kitchen Grudge-Match

After your wondrous meal to build yourself up in the previous ritual, it is now time to symbolically “clean-up” your physical health and sovereignty, by “cleaning up” the kitchen. Through these symbolic actions we banish all blockades to our abundance. This exercise is a magickal spell utilizing “fixed” energies. State your intentions out-loud ’til the funk in-residence trembles in fear of your rubber gloves.

Auspicious Timing:

The second part of this spell is to be enacted the day following the full moon peak. Or anytime during the two week waning period. If you wait a few days until the moon is once more in a fire sign, all the better. This part brings the fiery energy to kick the physical conditions into a higher gear of motivation. Use the diminishing lunar energies to begin blasting away all the impediments to your personal sovereignty and robust physical health.

Needs and Preparations:

  • A bowl of water left in the sunshine for an hour or more.
  • “Kill it with Fire” Cleaning Spray
    • The potion we need now is a magickal cleaning spray! These essential oils have fire associations, so you can envision that you are killing your problems, and toxicity (and unwanted microbial invaders) with fire!
    • 32 oz cleaning spray bottle, can be repurposed store-bought cleaner bottle
    • 1 c. of white vinegar
    • 1 teaspoon regular liquid dish soap like Dawn (vegetable-oil based soaps like Dr. Bronner’s are problematic when mixed with vinegar)
    • 9 drops each of the “Four Thieves” of essential oils: cinnamon, rosemary, clove and lemon essential oil
    • Add stones of the Sun or Fire, if you have them: Sunstone is a good choice!
    • Fill the bottle to the top with your solar-charged water. Shake it up.
    • Label with the alchemical glyphs of fire △, and planetary sun.☉


For this magick, the kitchen represents whatever is making your physical life feel imbalanced or chaotic. It could be the red-tape of survival that is in your way, or an illness which threatens your health or bliss–attack that mess with your magickal disinfectant, and force it into order, all the way down to the floors. I banish thee, I banish thee, I banish thee! 

Do the dishes and put them all back where they belong. If the cupboards need a thorough cleaning and reorganizing, now’s your moment. Tell that ridiculous mess of mismatched Tupperware that you’re the boss of your life now, and you’re getting your act together…then separate what you like and need, and go donate the rest somewhere.

That junk drawer you’ve been harboring with all the old take-out menus and fast-food ketchup packets? Name that garbage “the I cants and I’m not worthy-s of self-defeating thought programs” that keep you up at night. Clear that detritus right out of your house and your head.

Scrub the kitchen like it’s a grudge-match against the patriarchy that installed those toxic programs in the first place. Polish the sink.

Once your kitchen is sparkling clean this one time, don’t stop! “Fixed” energies are what maintain a state of existence and are just as important as starting (cardinal) and finishing (mutable). Keep it this way as a promise to your higher self. The energies you invest here are symbolic of your commitment to effective maintenance on all levels….it will mirror throughout your many selves.

Many happy returns this new year. May the winter clear the slate and set a healthier stage for coming adventures!


For more information on Auspicious magickal timing in 2021, check out this article with dates for the whole year.

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