YIMC Book Clubbers Alert!

YIMC Book Clubbers Alert! November 28, 2009

All you would-be reading Catholics! It’s time to rally ’round. Charter memberships in the YIM Catholic Book Club are still available. So far, there are five of us reading and yacking: Mary, Kneeling Catholic, EPG, Frank, and Your Ob’d’t S’v’t. A motley crew and true. There’s still time for you to join.

Read Chesterton’s Orthodoxy, chapter 1, with our comments, then read chapter 2, with more comments. And join the mad stampede!

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  • goodalice19

    Don't forget me, "goodalice", I signed on and am as motley as any!

  • Webster Bull

    Sorry, I think history will show that goodalice, Mike, and Mujerlatina all qualify as charter members of the YIMCBC. My preliminary list of 5 was based on formal comments for chapter 2. Coming up Thursday 12/3 — Chapter 3!