Thanks to Anu Garg . . . Not

Thanks to Anu Garg . . . Not January 12, 2010

Posted by Frank
One of the earliest posts I did upon coming aboard the good ship YIM Catholic was entitled Because of Half-Baked Thoughts Like This. I had a little fun unraveling the phrase amour propre and crossing wits with Anu Garg of A Word A Day renown. Yesterday (1/11/2010) the word of the day was sacerdotal, which means of or relating to priests or priestly duties. But the funny thing is the introduction to the word.Anu says, and I quote:

The word religion derives from Latin ligare (to tie or to bind, as in “ligament”), but it best serves as a tool to divide people. My religion is better than yours. My god true, yours false. What, we have the same religion? No problem, my sect is better than yours.
Gee, Anu, how do you really feel?

For a second there, I thought you were going to provide us with the etymology of the word religion, you know like you usually do. Instead, you got on your soap-box and slipped in a little sermon on the “problems” of religion! And there wasn’t one, single, redeeming (pun intended) quality of religion you could think of? Golly, I hoped you were more open-minded than that.

Re-reading Anu’s little 35-word sermon, it appears that the problem isn’t religion, in my humble opinion anyway, but fallen human nature instead. Maybe Anu is grumbling about people competing amongst each other to the point of silliness. You know, my dog is better than your dog. My car, house, job, etc., is better than your car, house, job. You get the picture, right Anu?
Fresh off his sermon on the evils of religion, he then hands all of his adoring fans a book selection to consider—a “thought provoking” book, he swoons, entitled 50 Reasons People Give for Believing in a God by Guy Harrison, and a link to same. I’m actually surprised they gave the deity a capital G in the title. Thank God for good editors!
But I will have to decline the invitation because, like Webster’s, my bed stand is getting loaded down with really good stuff to read already, and there is no room on it for the musings of a seeker (dodger?) named Guy. That’s also because we still have one chapter left on Chesterton’s Orthodoxy and one heck of a horse race going on between Hellaire Belloc and C.S. Lewis (see sidebar), who are competing (sorry Anu!) for votes to win the prize as the YIM Catholic Book Club’s next reading selection.
You may want to check up on Anu over at A.Word.A.Day this week. Because this week’s theme is religious words, you just might have as much fun as I am with his selections. Sheeeeeesh!
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  • EPG

    Frank wrote (in part): “it appears that the problem isn't religion, in my humble opinion anyway, but fallen human nature instead.”Frank, I think you’re going to like Chapter 8 of “Orthodoxy” (actually, you’ve probably already read it, and probably already like it). As a preview of the discussion later this week, I offer the following, from the first paragraph of the chapter: “If we wish to pull down the prosperous oppressor, we cannot do it with the new doctrine of human perfectibility; we can do it with the old doctrine of Original Sin.”Happy reading.

  • Hey EPG…maybe someone can forward that book request to Anu? Anyone know his e-mail address? ;^)

  • Webster Bull

    Thanks, Frank, I needed a laugh this morning and got a whole post full.

  • Warren Jewell

    Has a bit of that modern flavor, "I'm an expert on religion because I ain't got one." I run into these types, next to the tutti-fruity, every time I talk 'seriously' (THEIR 'seriously') with other folk.

  • Warren Jewell

    Eighty-nine book club votes and counting – can we count on so-many contributions about the segments of the book when we begin club reading-n-reflecting in earnest?

  • As it turns out, only Amazon put the capital letters on Guy's book at their website. The letters are all smallcase on the book cover and inside as well. So it wasn't editors, but marketers who used the "G". Golly gee. ;^)