So I Took This Survey on Who I Should Vote For…

So I Took This Survey on Who I Should Vote For… December 13, 2011

It’s put out by an outfit called, and I had no big surprise in what came back. I’ll tell you how I marked my answer sheet on the some of the questions too. Remember this cartoon from the 2008 Primaries? The past is prologue.

How did I vote? If Catholic teaching supports a position, I voted to choose a candidate that supports that position. Likewise, if Catholic teaching is against a position (torture, abortion, embryonic stem cell research, the death penalty, etc.), I voted to choose a candidate that is against that position. I also voted in favor of civil liberties and not in favor of the Patriot Act, so I’m wacky that way too.

So, for example, here is Question 4:

4. What would be your ideal candidate’s position on the WATERBOARDING of terrorism suspects?

They would favor it, viewing it as “enhanced interrogation” and a valuable tool in the war on terror.


They would oppose it, viewing it as “torture” and counterproductive, illegal and/or immoral.  <<=== My Choice




To keep it simple, for all the questions I left the default selection unchanged (which is “Medium”). And if the Church had no definite position, I applied the concept of subsidiarity to the question. On three of the 20 questions I answered  “neither.”

My results (FYI, I voted “Yes” on both questions 19 and 20) are as follows:

1. Ideal Theoretical Candidate (100%)
2. Ron Paul* (76%)
3. Mitt Romney* (67%)
4. Rick Santorum* (65%)
5. Michele Bachmann* (60%)
6. Newt Gingrich* (60%)
7. Barack Obama* (53%)
8. Rick Perry* (52%)
9. John Boehner (50%)
10. Mike Pence (50%)
11. Sarah Palin (50%)
12. Gary Johnson* (47%)
13. Bobby Jindal (47%)
14. Eric Cantor (45%)
15. Jon Huntsman* (44%)
16. Buddy Roemer* (43%)
17. Mike Huckabee (43%)
18. Lindsey Graham (42%)
19. Rob Portman (40%)
20. Herman Cain (39%)
21. Tim Pawlenty (37%)
22. Wayne Allyn Root (36%)
23. Haley Barbour (34%)
24. Jeb Bush (32%)
25. Hillary Clinton (30%)
26. Mitch Daniels (30%)
27. Joseph Biden (28%)
28. Donald Trump (20%)
29. Michael Bloomberg (15%)

How accurate is this survey? You’re asking the wrong guy. But go take it and have some fun with it.

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