Cardinal Dolan on the O’Reilly Factor’s “No Spin Zone” and an Idea to Get Him on Comedy Central Too.

Cardinal Dolan on the O’Reilly Factor’s “No Spin Zone” and an Idea to Get Him on Comedy Central Too. March 29, 2012

Rocco Palmo scooped this up first, naturally, and it’s fantastic.

Wasn’t that awesome? Bravo Zulu.

But while Rocco waxes euphoric about our favorite USCCB quarterback getting seen by over 3 million (mostly conservative) viewers on Bill O’Reilly’s show, I’m thinking His Excellency should take his show on the road, and head over to Comedy Central and pick up the other viewers too. He should make appearances where the rest of the viewers, including liberals and independents, are: The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, and The Colbert Report.

With his sense of humor, he would be a shoe-in. According to numbers from data gathered last summer, Stewart had more viewers than the entire Fox Network, with the exception of Bill O’Reilly.

Just how big is the disparity between Jon Stewart and Fox News?

Only The O’Reilly Factor (2.8 million) drew more total viewers than The Daily Show (2.3 million). Jon Stewart beat everything else on Fox News. Stewart beat Sean Hannity by 246,000 viewers. He topped Bret Baier by 399,000 viewers. Jon Stewart beat Glenn Beck by almost 500,000 viewers, 1.812 million to 2.3 million. He beat Shep Smith (1.712 million) and Greta Van Susteren (1.702 million) by almost 600,000 viewers each. When Stewart and O’Reilly go head to head at 11 PM, Jon Stewart tops Bill O’Reilly’s replay by almost a million viewers (2.3 million to 1.321 million).

And Stephen Colbert averages 1.5 million viewers nightly, so this sounds like an idea that has some merit, don’t you think? Not that anyone listens to Joe Six-Packs’ opinion.

Speaking of Comedy Central, check out Steven Colberts’ latest segments on the arguments on the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) at the Supreme Court this past week. I think President George Herbert Walker Bush is worried about being forced to eat broccoli, or something. Scary!

Here, I love how Steven reminds us about the bill 94 of our senators signed (bipartisan support for that one!) stripping citizens of our rights of habeas corpus, setting us up for indefinite detention, and maybe even targeting us with drones at the command of Seizure (and his minions) in Part II. Well played, sir.

I think Cardinal Dolan may want to check with Fr. James Martin, SJ about getting a spot on Colbert’s show. I mean he’s the Chaplain, so there’s only one degree of separation to overcome, right? And I’m sure Stephen would use moral suasion to also get His Excellency some air-time with Jon Stewart too. Think of the possibilities! I reckon ol’ Stephen would even have a hard time staying in character.

If you have any contacts that could help, give them a nudge.

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