Blogging? Sorry. I’m Watching the Olympics

Blogging? Sorry. I’m Watching the Olympics August 7, 2012

That young lady, Alexandra Raisman, had a perfect floor exercise, and brought home the gold. And the girls were RUNNING…

Women’s 100m Hurdles Final Results

Wind: -0.2 m/s React. Result
ORSally Pearson 0.137 12.35
Dawn Harper 0.156 12.37
Kellie Wells 0.137 12.48
4 Lolo Jones 0.163 12.58
5 Nevin Yanit 0.161 12.58
6 Phylicia George 0.152 12.65
7 Jessica Zelinka 0.145 12.69
8 Beate Schrott 0.156 13.07


And Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh-Jennings advance to the all-American gold medal round vs. April Ross and Jen Kessy in beach volleyball tomorrow.

I’m Kerri, ==>> she’s Misty
London 2012

I hear Tim Dagget says Epke Zonderland is so good on the high bar, it’s “sick.”

And how ’bout those Bruin medal winners, huh? Catch y’all later. 😉

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