Help Homeless Youth in Alaska

Help Homeless Youth in Alaska November 4, 2012

Alison Kear, from out of Anchorage, Alaska way, sent me a note about an opportunity for a corporal work of mercy.

You all know I have been passionate about Covenant House, Alaska (CHA) for many years. Kids need to feel valued, the need for our services is real, and I am passionate about what we represent to kids who are cold, alone and feel no one cares. I am humbled to represent to them that people do care. I can do this because I have been cared for and about all my life.

I’ve held different roles in this organization, but I’ve never (thank God) experienced homelessness  and what comes with the isolation, discomfort and desperation. Although I’ll never known how that feels I am acutely aware of their needs on a daily basis and the reality that everyone does need someone!  -I’ll be glimpsing into their reality on November 13th as I will be sleeping out in our shelter.

I’ll be joining with 25 other Alaskans and,  as uncomfortable a sleeping bag and a pillow on the ground will be, it will not touch what some of our kids have gone through.

Such as 20+ foster care placements, sexual abuse, visible scars from recent and past beatings, neglect and isolation in families fueled by substance abuse and dysfunction—this is the trauma endured by kids before they even find themselves on the doorstep of CHA the only homeless shelter in Anchorage Alaska (by the way, we had 342 days last year in Anchorage that a youth could die on our streets from Hypothermia is there was not a shelter available).

So I am asking for your help. Help me make CHA rise to the challenges and give our kids what they need when they come to our doors. Often times we are the only family, the only healthy resources these kids have—and we’re called to be and give our very best to them. You can help me provide not only essential basic needs, but also emotional and meaningful support. Support me as I attempt to walk a mile in their shoes and know that when you donate, you are stepping in to provide what so many have failed to give to Alaska’s homeless youth—love.

I am committed to raising $5,000—no pressure on me, but not only am I a new Executive Director—seems I was elected Alaska Team Captain for the sleep-out (smile). If you can help great –donate or forward this message!

Alison E. Kear

Executive Director

 P.O. Box 100620

Anchorage, Alaska 99510-0620

Direct: 907-339-4203

Brrrrrr! It gets cold in Anchorage!  Take a look at her donation page and help her reach her goal.
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