Cardinal Mahony? Before You Head to Rome, We’d Like to Ask You A Few Questions

Cardinal Mahony? Before You Head to Rome, We’d Like to Ask You A Few Questions February 19, 2013
Image Source: Don Bartletti, Los Angeles Times

Harriet Adams of the Los Angeles Times notes that,

Judge clears way for Mahony deposition in sex abuse case

Before Cardinal Roger Mahony boards a plane for Rome to help elect the next pope, he will be questioned under oath about his handling of clergy sex abuse cases.

A judge cleared the way Friday for a Feb. 23 deposition of the former archbishop by a lawyer for a man who alleges that a visiting Mexican priest molested him three decades ago at his Montecito Heights parish.

In a closed-door meeting, L.A. County Superior Court Judge Emilie H. Elias said Mahony could be questioned for four hours about the priest, Father Nicholas Aguilar Rivera, and 25 other clergymen accused of abuse during the same time period, according to lawyers at the meeting.

Mahony has been deposed repeatedly since the late 1990s about his dealings with accused abusers, but the upcoming deposition will be the first since the release of 12,000 pages of internal church records about the abuse.

The alleged victim’s lawyer, Anthony De Marco, said he has 138 pages of archdiocese memos and records about Aguilar Rivera that were not available when Mahony was last deposed.

“It’s a vastly different examination when you have their contemporaneous notes,” he said.

The files released show Aguilar Rivera returned to Mexico in 1988 shortly after a top Mahony aide, Thomas J. Curry, warned him that a police investigation was likely and he was in “a good deal of danger.” Authorities believe Aguilar Rivera molested at least 26 children during a nine-month stay in the archdiocese. He remains a fugitive in Mexico.

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Those 12,000 pages worth of records show that something a lot like The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly had a very long run in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles.


Cardinal Roger Mahony, Suffering Servant.

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  • AtticusFinch

    I so agree with you, John re: Mahony’s sociopathy–there’s a lot of that going around around among the “Princes of the Church.”
    I am so pleased that someone else is using this term; it’s not only well-deserved, but accurate!
    What is the LA District Attorney doing regarding Mahony’s conspiracy, obstruction of justice and child endangerment charges? Why hasn’t this criminal cardinal been indicted? Another aspect of his arrogance and narcissism is his casting himself as a victim and comparing his “suffering” with that of Jesus. Jesus suffered because He spoke up about injustice!