For the Next Two Weeks I’m On Vacation…

For the Next Two Weeks I’m On Vacation… July 10, 2013
Left Coast Bound!

And it’s an honest to goodness vacation, too. Not two weeks off to power out a book (me? write a book? LOL!). Not two weeks off for a silent retreat (I kinda just had one, as my wife and kids left two weeks ahead of me). Not two weeks off to figure out how to save ‘Murika from the forces of eevil.

Now we’re talkin’!

Eh-eh. I’ll be having a homemade margarita, see. Or a Dark & Stormy.

I’m talking two weeks! Two weeks off to clear the decks and rid the hull of barnacles. Family, friends, and sights both seen, and unseen, by me and mine. I’ve gone on vacation before, and here’s what I noticed: Everything is better when you are on vacation. Am I right? Even a flat tire is better when it happens on vacation. Didn’t know that, didja!

Something else I noticed: everything survives my absence. Hard to believe, but true. And you know those guys who are blessed with “working” vacations where the cell phone tether is still keeping them at work, albeit in a different location (and a better location! All locations are better when you’re on vacation!)? I’m not one of those guys. Work will never hear from me, and I’ll never hear from them.


So blogging will be light.

Did I mention I’m on vacation?

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  • Stefanie

    Gosh, what’s a vacation? You are such a slacker, Frank 🙂
    Enjoy your refreshment!

  • Heloise1

    Enjoy. Relax. Come back stronger than ever.