In Search of Pageviews, HUFFPOST Reanimates Slain Dragon of “Ancient Christian Gay Marriage Rites”

In Search of Pageviews, HUFFPOST Reanimates Slain Dragon of “Ancient Christian Gay Marriage Rites” August 1, 2013
Here I go again…

Seeking to capitalize on Pope Francis’s recent remarks on not judging gay priests, no doubt.  It’s déjà vu all over again.

The Catholic Channel’s own Ryan Thursday Adams tirelessly picks up his hammer and stake in a bid to put this narrative to bed one.more.time.

(My first reaction to the story:
“Huffpost wut r u doin?



What is The Rite:

First of all, this isn’t some old, secret, hidden thing.  In fact, it is still used in some Eastern Christian communities (mostly in the Middle East), called adelphopoiesis.

It also has nothing to do with sex.

The rite is a “making of brothers/sisters,” meaning that through this rite one adopts someone else as their brother/sister.  I’m not quite sure why this translates (in Huffington Post’s article, and the text which it makes reference to) to “the ordination of two women/men to the vocation of having sex with one another,” since sex between siblings (even adopted ones) is frowned upon by basically every society… but either way, that’s a misrepresentation, and a rather tragic one at that.

Read it all. Send it to your friends. Post it on your Facebook. Keep it handy for future reference.


Jimmy Akin from last year: Was Same-Sex “Marriage” a Christian Rite?

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  • Fabio Paolo Barbieri

    They are going for the Dan Brown readership: pseudo-history and fornication.