Why The Seven-Headed Dragon of Lying Will Never Be Slain

Why The Seven-Headed Dragon of Lying Will Never Be Slain August 23, 2013
And another portent appeared in heaven; behold, a great red dragon, with seven heads and ten horns, and seven diadems upon his heads. –Revelation 12:3

Because Satan!

Just look at the image above, and note that one of the creatures represents the Father of Lies while the other represents Our Mother unstained by sin. She is in heaven now.

And the beast?


Case closed? Not quite.

Able knights continue to wade into battle, ably lopping off  dragon head after dragon head on the subject of the sin of lying. And guess what?  The heads just keep growing back.

Mark Shea is an indefatigable knight-errant, always willing to lift lance, sword, or pike, against this foe.  Wading tirelessly into the fray against the dragon in the defense of truth, his keyboard comes alive with arguments that make consequentialists squirm. This characteristic of his is one of the things I admire about him.

Here’s a snip from his latest sortie against the foe.

Over at Strange Notions, there’s been a three way debate about lying.

Really, it’s a two way debate.

On the one hand, James Croft, the atheist says, “Go ahead and lie if that seems like a good idea to you because Nazis.”

On the other hand, Deacon Jim Russell says, “Go ahead and lie if that seems like a good idea to you because Nazis.”

Oh. Wait. That’s the same hand.

Read the whole post. I promise, your head won’t explode.

But the Dragon will be back, and with a regenerated head. When he reappears, remember the following from the man after God’s own heart,

Though proud men smear me with lies,
yet I keep Your precepts.
Their minds are closed to good,
but Your law is my delight.
—Psalm 119:69–70

“Here we go again.”

Don Quixote de le Mancha, by Gustave Doré.

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  • Jim Russell

    Hi, Frank–

    The good news is that my views and claims on this subject were fairly presented and charitably received at Strange Notions. What a blessing! If folks really wish to know the, er…. truth…about what I have to say on this issue, I’d head over there.

    If you’re satisfied with the “knight-erroneous versus men of straw” version, just read Patheos… 🙂

    • I prefer the Good News to your good news, Deacon Jim. But that’s just me.

  • Brian Sullivan

    Awesome mosaic! Where? BNSIC?

  • Rebecca Fuentes

    Live with a chronic, habitual liar and manipulator for a few years. You’ll have no doubt of the intrinsic evil of lying.