I’m So Done With Apologizing For Halloween

I’m So Done With Apologizing For Halloween October 28, 2013


I just enjoy it. I enjoyed it before I was a Catholic, and I’ll continue to keep on enjoying it now that I am a Catholic.

Feel free to disagree with me, worry that your wacko friends are right that Halloween is evil, etc., etc.


Satan,  the ultimate Terrorist, enjoys his power over you. Why give him that “in?”

Instead, on Halloween, enjoy the decorations.


Enjoy trick or treating.

Enjoy the candy.

Enjoy the Peanuts Special.

Enjoy the scary costumes.

Enjoy the scary movies.

Enjoy the visceral thrills that fairyland, turned into a nightmare, brings.

You haven’t seen Army of Darkness?

And then go to Mass the next day, to celebrate the lives of the saints, and again on the following day to pray for the dead.

The Chapel of Skulls in Poland

It’s about as natural as breathing air.

Enjoy it, if you dare…


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