A Serious Message About The Film, “Delivery Man” UPDATED

A Serious Message About The Film, “Delivery Man” UPDATED November 29, 2013

…is contained in the flyer in the photograph below.

Learn more at Alana Newman’s place, and at AnonymousUs.org. It’s a tragedy, not a comedy.


Gregory Popcak, “Delivery Man” Drops an Opportunity At Catholics’ Doorstep.

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  • Nordog6561

    While I vehemently oppose IVF, sperm and egg “donations”, etc., it is wrong to say that selling sperm for third party reproduction is selling your unborn child. The child is not yet conceived. I think the proper way to phrase the situation is that the man is selling his paternity, and his future children were conceived as a matter of a base economic calculation ordered toward monetary profit.
    Sick either way, don’t you think?