Leah Libresco Casually Dates The Disney Princes… (Friday Funnies)

Leah Libresco Casually Dates The Disney Princes… (Friday Funnies) September 12, 2014

My blog neighbor Leah loves musicals. Leah writes a lot about some strange phenomenon she calls casual dating. Joe Six-Pack has no idea what that even is.

Of course, Joe has been married for going on 25 years, prayed to God to present him with a suitable mate, and holds other strange and old fashioned chivalrous beliefs.

I’m not sure how Leah feels about animated Disney musicals, but if anyone casually dated/met Disney princes in the real world, it would be like this.


Oh crap. There’s a flock of fellows who will evolve into the dreaded Disney Dads. Sheesh.

I told Leah that she needs to be on the lookout for a scoundrel who happens to be a nice man. The type who has grease under his fingernails, runs bootleg whiskey from time to time, and can out run Imperial Starships, etc.

Han Solo, in other words.

That type of guy never wants to be told the odds, and never makes it into a Disney musical.


We all know how that scene turned out.


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