God Made The Little Spider, That In Turn Made This Amazing Web…

God Made The Little Spider, That In Turn Made This Amazing Web… October 4, 2014

Unfortunately, most of it has broken and what is left can barely be seen.

But if you look closely, you see can how the spider triangulated the moorings of the web, from the little bowed end of the hemlock branch below, to the two others.

Do you see? 10351099_10203756524768401_408518795272696390_n

The spider did this in probably less than an hour. Was the spider thinking about important matters?

Survival is an important matter, so I would guess it was a bit concerned about eating. But without any fuss, and with no recognition, the spider just set about its work.

I have no idea how it made this web.

Did it climb the branch at the top, secure its silk to a natural cleat, and then dive off into space with its silken web spinning out behind as the wind blew it over to the branch below?


And then the spider dutifully climbed back up its line, and zipped across to the other branch? Or did it walk back up to the top branch, and zip off to the other side with another launch into space?

I don’t know. I didn’t witness the first step. A little girl can explain the rest for us.



All I see is what is left of the engineering feat of a little creature that, without any help from me, constructed something so intricate, and beautiful, that all I can do is admire it.

In the Bible, spiders get short shrift. They are not lauded like the ant, the badger, the locust, or the lizard are. Regardless, they are another of the myriad of marvelous creatures that surround us on our journey.

*Photograph belongs to the author.

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