BEHOLD! The YIMCatholic Swimsuit Edition…

BEHOLD! The YIMCatholic Swimsuit Edition… May 30, 2015

Joe Six-Pack, here, reminding folks about the great swimsuits available for ladies over at Rey Swimwear. Two-piece, one-piece, accessories, suits for kids, etc. They’ve got it all, and they haven’t sold-out all of their inventory yet. Oops. Looks like the hats are gone. Sorry.

Shop till you drop.

I haven’t found their 2015 collection video, but here is the one from last year,


Here’s a recent interview with Jessica Rey, wherein she explains why she started Rey Swimwear in the first place. You know, after the Power Ranger gig played out, and she earned her MBA.


A swimsuit shoot in November in Central Park? Brrrrrrrr! If you missed her speech on the history of the swimsuit, delivered back in June of 2013, go here. Looks like the book she co-authored with Leah Darrow is on sale now too. You might want to pick up a copy for poolside reading.

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