Doug Anderson's Solo CD available for pre-order

Doug Anderson's Solo CD available for pre-order March 29, 2011

You can now hear samples and read lyrics from Anderson’s upcoming project here. He also has a bare-bones website (to be fleshed out soon) where you can register for his newsletter.
I’m looking forward to this project. It’s interesting how many tracks have a country twang to them. I still think “Jesus is Holding My Hand” sounds like one of the best on the project, though several others sound very good as well. A few of them, depending on your taste, might feel a little too sugary, but it seems for now that there are enough substantial tracks to make it worth the investment.

Also, check out some great stuff from the album’s photoshoot on his new facebook fan page. Now THIS is promo photography done right!!

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  • JJ

    In addition to the audio clips, it looks like the lyrics are available, too. Class act all the way from EHSS for Doug’s new project.

  • I just added that as an update. I appreciate that, because lyrics aren’t always included with the CD (though they may be in this case).

  • quartet-man

    If they are included in with the CD, they will be in THAT case. 😉

  • I can’t believe I’m actually laughing out loud…

  • quartet-man

    Do you mind if I go off topic for a moment? Speak now. Okay, I don’t see a comment, so…………… 😉
    Anyhow, sometimes the most silly things or things that happen at certain moments really tickle my funny bone. For instance. a friend and I sang at his church just after we graduated from High School. I went there with him sometimes and it was the evening service. We were in the back and this is a fairly small church. We are singing hymns and we are on “Pow’r in the Blood”. I hear this nasal voice above all others going “powerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr pow errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr and though okay. Then one person got tickled and we all did (the youth). I felt bad and tried to compose myself and my friend asks “who is singing pow-errrrrrrrrrrrrrrr” and I lost it again. Every time he imitated her in that nasal voice (even just that one word) I would start busting it again. I am laughing now more than 20 years later. Now, I was the kind who sat with my family in the first quarter of the church prior to being in choir and then sitting up front. So, this was rare for me, but I couldn’t help it. 😀 There were a few times in choir class in High School where a smart aleck would say things and crack me up too. I just couldn’t hold it in.
    But I can also find jokes like the Insomniac, agnostic, dyslexic really funny too.

  • I’m sorry. Please move this discussion to an open thread.
    Except I don’t HAVE any open threads. BA-HA-HA-HA!
    Okay, seriously that is funny. Great story. 🙂 As for the insomniac, dyslexic and agnostic… okay, I’ll ask—I haven’t heard that joke, so you can enlighten me.

  • quartet-man

    He lay awake all night wondering if there were a doG. 😉

  • quartet-man

    By the way, that comment about the open thread wasn’t a slam towards Daniel. I meant what I said there earlier that is approach is probably pretty reasonable. I just knew my post strayed real far from the original here even though it wasn’t totally out of the blue and sort of gotten there along the way. 😀