Glenn Dustin Leaves Legacy Five

Glenn Dustin Leaves Legacy Five July 12, 2012

The changes just keep coming! Glenn Dustin has just announced his resignation from Legacy Five, and Scott Fowler says they have already begun the search process for a new bass singer. Those interested should e-mail an mp3 to Scott. Here are a few words from Glenn:

Dear Legacy Five Family,
If you know me at all, you know I am a man of few words, so I’ll be brief.
It is with much regret that I am announcing my resignation.  Effective immediately, I will no longer be traveling and singing with Legacy Five.  I have had the time of my life, traveling the highways with L5, getting to meet so many wonderful people.  However, nothing lasts forever.  I have been honored to see so many things that I would have never had the opportunity to, apart from L5.  I have so many wonderful memories, and I will miss so many people.
Please keep me and my family in your thoughts and prayers, and continue to pray for and encourage L5.  I will miss those men, and I doubt there will be a day that passes where I don’t think of them.  I have so many wonderful memories.
In His Grip,
Glenn “Cuz” Dustin
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  • Wow! I have only recently found the group. This is very sad. I was just wondering, how did you find this information? I can’t find anything on their site.

  • I’m sorry, I should have specified that it was in their newsletter, which I get e-mailed to me regularly. You can subscribe to it if you go to their site.

  • Do you have any thoughts as to why he left? It seems so sudden.

  • I don’t! This was news to me. But it could have been planned for quite a while ahead of time even though we’re just learning about it now.

  • Yes, I guess there just isn’t any “gradual” way to drop that bomb. I think it just is a little more shaking when a concrete reason isn’t given. I think the Ball Brothers are the best at putting people at ease about member departures. When they can joke and laugh about it like that, you know that nothing is wrong. 🙂

  • Yeah, and things seem generally more relaxed in a family group like that anyway.