Stephen Hill Passes Away

Stephen Hill Passes Away August 6, 2012

Stephen Hill, a beloved singer/songwriter and Gaither Homecomings regular, passed away last night of a heart attack during soundcheck for a concert in North Carolina (HT: Daniel Mount). The Gaither organization issued a statement today:

Stephen was a “gentle giant” with a kind, soft-spoken nature and a tenor voice as versatile as it was beautiful. He had a sincere heart for people and for sharing the hope of Christ with audiences throughout his career. He was dearly loved by his friends, family and the music community.

Here is the group Paid in Full singing one of Stephen’s best songs (if not his best): “The Other Side.”

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  • bill miller

    so srry to hear about stephens passing,another one on the way home

  • connie & clay mcmeen

    stephen hill will surely be missed. we loved to hear his beautiful voice sing about gods’ precious love

  • A loss for us, a gain for the choir in Heaven

  • Lydia

    That’s a great song–“The Other Side.” Hadn’t heard it before. It looks as though Stephen Hill was only 55.
    Googling him brought me to this video, which I hope no one will mind my linking, which includes Stephen and also Wes Hampton. They are both great, but Wes is especially awesome here, I have to say:

  • Yeah, and I like him even better on this song “There is a Bridge.” Very poignant now: