Ian Owens Leaves Signature Sound

Ian Owens Leaves Signature Sound October 1, 2012

I literally just saw this on Facebook:

Dear Friends,
For the past two years the EHSS team and fans have been enriched by the voice and personality of Ian Owens. Ian has announced that he will be pursuing other interests (both musical and personal) and we fully support him and wish him great success. Ian’s last date with EHSS will be October 13th, 2012 in Sunnyvale, TX. Come out and support Ian and please pray for Ian and his wife Megan as they follow this new path.
We will miss Ian dearly. He is a funny, FUNNY man who has become a great friend and that will never change. We will update you at a later date with all information concerning Ian and his plans.Our new bass singer is a young man you are going to love. His name is Paul Harkey. We will fill you in on all of his information soon. Pray for EHSS as we navigate through this transition time.Sincerely,

I admit that I’m pretty shocked. This is the shortest time period the group has had a member. I see no reason to assume anything, obviously the press release is quite cheerful. Still, I’m trying to process this since Ian was just settling in. As early as this summer he seemed content to stay where he was. Maybe some fantastic opportunity came up in the meanwhile, and we’ll be learning more in the future.

Meantime, I’m glad to see them bring Paul Harkey on board since he’s a solid young talent. Lots of folks have fingered him out as one to watch, and I look forward to getting more familiar with his voice. He sang with Anchormen and most recently spent about a month with the Lefevres (before leaving to join EHSS of course). Here’s a clip showing what he can do [Update: I found a more recent one than what I initially posted. I hear he’s solidified in the last couple years, plus I found out he was battling pneumonia in the “Graveyard” clip. This is “Crown Him King.”]  I think he’ll bring something more similar to what Duncan brought to the group.

Let’s talk about group change, Amen!

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  • Certainly shocked to see this, but excited to see Paul with the group.
    Hopefully there wasn’t any ill will between members.

  • That is not the impression I’ve gotten, privately or publicly. However, I do wonder what’s up next.

  • I Love Brother Paul Harkey I Have Gotten To Know Brother Paul Harkey Through The Anchormen Quartet And Also Through The LeFevre Quartet.
    And Also Through FaceBook As Well.

  • I would guess that there isn’t ill will since they are still doing at least one more date with him. When Ryan left, he was gone for good once they sent out that press release.

  • I guess so, but please, if you don’t mind, I don’t want the thread to turn into an analysis of previous group changes. Many circumstances can influence a departure. Even sub-optimal circumstances could still be understandable or natural in some way.

  • CP

    Ian’s unusual talent will be missed greatly. Also, his personality and relationship with the fans. God must have something wonderful planned for him. He will be missed:(

  • Sorry, I’m not trying to do that. I just was pointing out that there seems to be even LESS likelihood of there being bad feelings in this case, based on that fact.

  • I also saw that Ian left this message for Paul Harkey on facebook:
    Hey, brother. Just want to congratulate you again and encourage you!! You’re gonna love the ride!! EHSS is a wonderful group of men and I know you’ll fit right in and love every minute. Give me a shout if you need anything at all. Unless it’s about the dance moves. I’m way too white to help you there!!! 😉 God bless you!!

  • I guess I’m in the minority, but I always felt that Ian was an odd fit for EHSS.

  • Yeah I Thought That Bass Singer Brother Ian Owens Was A Really Very Odd Fit For The EH&SS Guys Will Somebody Please Keep Me up To Date On Who The Brand New Bass Singer For The LeFevre Quartet Will Be.

  • John Situmbeko

    Wow! Ian has left? Short lived career. I wonder what other career he’ll pursue.
    Do gospel singers sign contracts that bind them to a group for a period of time? I’m inclined to think Paul will leave for greener pastures. Let him sign a long term binding contract (5 years, preferably). Consistence is very healthy for a group, very.

  • Huge Ian Fan!!!

    Ian will be sorely missed. Such a geniune man. Very real and very talented. To the comments above….I actually thought the blend with Owens was the best ever for EHSS. His voice is a beautiful voice…especially for a bass. He is also a pleasure to work with. Where ever he is going is a lucky place:)

  • Yes I So Totally Have To Agree With U On This Brother John Situmbeko To Please Let.
    Bass Singer Brother Paul Harkey To Sign A Really Very Long Term.
    Binding Contract For More Then 5 Years Please My.
    Ernie Haase And Signature Sound Brothers.
    I Just Can Not Wait To Start Seen Bass Singer Brother Paul Harkey.
    To Start Learning All Of The Ernie Haase And Signature Sounds.
    Dance Moves.

  • Um Brother John Situmbeko Bass Singer Brother Ian Owens Has Not Left.
    The Ernie Haase And Signature Sound Guys Yet.
    Bass Singer Brother Ian Owens Last Day With The.
    Ernie Haase And Signature Sound Guys Is Saturday October 13th Witch Is Next Saturday,
    It Will Be Really Very Sad Not To Have.
    Bass Singer Brother Ian Owens On The Very First
    The EH&SS Guys And Their Families Leave For The Cruise On.
    Saturday February 2nd Sunday February 3rd,Monday February 4th.
    Tuesday February 5th Wednesday February 6th And Thursday February 7th Will Be The Very Last Day Of The Cruise.
    And Then The EH&SS Guys Will Be Off Of The Road Until.
    Saturday June 22nd Of Next Year.

  • Well, singers have been known to leave after very, very short tenures with a given group. Obviously Paul’s tenure with Lefevre was extremely short—a month and a half. So my guess is no, not across the board anyway.

  • I totally agree, he blended beautifully and connected well with the fans. It’s not often that a singer bonds so well with a group’s core fanbase after singing with them for such a short period.

  • I guess it depends on how you look at it. I do think he had a more out-going personality than Tim, so in that sense he was more like the other guys.

  • bob

    no contract