Last Year's Resolutions

Last Year's Resolutions January 1, 2013

Welcome to my first post of 2013! I actually published this by accident for a few seconds last night because I typed in January 1st, twenty-TWELVE in the calendar slots. Oops.
New Year’s resolutions: Instead of making new ones for this year, I thought perhaps I should see how well I did with last year’s. The answer is… hmmmmmm.
1. Reading the Bible in a year: This was a disaster. I started strong but let the project lie during the spring and fall semesters. I kept playing catch-up and finally realized the entire Bible was out of my reach unless I wanted to read fifty chapters a day. So I settled for the Old Testament. Even that didn’t pan out. Made it half-way through Ezekiel so far. However, it was really the OT I was wanting to read through cover to cover, since I’ve already read through the entire NT. I don’t think I’ve ever sat down and read every book in the Old Testament systematically, even though I’m of course familiar with the bulk of it. I discovered that there’s some strange stuff in the Old Testament! I came across stories I’d never heard of before where I just had to admit, “Okay, NO clue what just happened there or what it’s all about, but hey, it’s in the Bible!”

2. Be less lazy: Well, this got a little better… there were points during the year where I was sleeping and exercising right. The rest of the year…
3. Wasting less time: To some extent this was decided for me as my classes have increased in difficulty (especially math). I simply didn’t have time to waste! I guess that can be counted as a success. As for Internet habits, I did become less involved in comment threads and better at ignoring trolls.
4. Investing less heavily in purely online connections/relationships: I did MUCH better with this.
5. Becoming more practical: Nope. Still impractical. We’ll try again this year. I did get better at remembering to put away my butter knife though!
6. Stepping out of my “comfort zone”: I worked a couple of jobs last year, which were new experiences for me that helped in this area. I also learned a new skill or two. In the spring I took a class that made me get up at 7:30 most days of the week—that definitely pushed me outside the comfort zone! (And now I’m mentally preparing for a class where I’ll have to get up at SIX thirty… bliss.)
So I guess on reflection things weren’t quite as disastrous as they could have been. It looks like I have enough work to do to keep me going into 2013 without adding to the list though!
Did you make any resolutions last year? If so, did you keep any of them?

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  • One that I’ve actually written down. Becoming more outgoing/friendly around strangers and people I don’t know. I’m pretty shy at times. 😛

  • Penny

    To that (and to YGG regarding last year’s resolutions) I would recommend:
    (hope links are allowed) Maybe because I’m “elderly” now, I feel freer to say I’m tired of the world claiming I should be something I am not. Susan Cain also has a book out called Quiet, I am have yet to read.

  • Penny

    Whoops, I have yet to read!

  • Thanks for the link! Funny and interesting.

  • Last year’s resolutions….
    1) Jog more often.
    According to my Nike Run App I ran three times a week for the first three weeks of January 2012. After that it fell apart and then started again before I headed to Kenya in August 2012.
    This year I’m aiming for a more realistic target of just once/twice a week!