Praise and Worship, Southern Gospel Style

Praise and Worship, Southern Gospel Style June 6, 2013

I just discovered this multi-artist, live collab on Chris Tomlin’s re-working of “Amazing Grace.” A very classy arrangement. Does anyone know if it’s on a CD?

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  • Lydia

    This is a lovely arrangement. I’m trying to identify everybody. Didn’t Taranda Greene used to have dark hair? It seems that there is an extra man. We have only two men’s names listed on the video–Jim Brady and Joseph Habedank–but three men singing. Is the younger man who comes in at 2:10 Joseph Habedank or someone else?

  • I think Taranda’s tried a couple different hair colors, not sure which one is natural. And yes, there is an extra guy, and at the moment I’m blanking on his name. And yes, that’s Joseph at 2:10.

  • Brad

    The other male singer is Mitchel Jon (Mitch Kenitzer) formerly of Three Bridges and now a soloist. He is one of my favorite singers in all of southern gospel and certainly an underated vocalist in this genre.

  • Great find!! Would love to know if it’s on CD as well. I think the guy might be Mitchel Jon, but not completely certain on that!

  • joshvanklomp

    Looks like it was from the Singing News Fan Awards at NQC. I checked the NQC Live track listings from 2009 and prior (since the Awards moved to Dollywood in 2010), but came up empty.

  • Thanks for the info, Josh.

  • Andrew

    This is from the 2009 Singing News Fan Awards. This is from TheNelonsFan which often posts performances that aren’t marketed in cd/dvd format.
    Since this was the 40th fan awards program, Singing News put together a video of memorable moments from previous awards shows. Then, the various artists sang this.

  • Thanks Andrew!