Memphis Quartet Show Youtube Roundup

Memphis Quartet Show Youtube Roundup July 2, 2013

Courtesy of Diana Brantley, our tireless videographer, we have some hand-held videos from the Memphis Quartet Show featuring all of your favorite groups! These include the Kingsmen, Triumphant Quartet, Signature Sound and many more. Here they are all gathered in a playlist for your enjoyment.
In addition, here are some videos Diana did not catch but someone else did of the Booth Brothers with Gene McDonald. In a word, mensch! The Brothers also announced that they are releasing a new quartet album with Gene. Gene has guested on a number or two before, but this will be the first full-length album they’ve all done together! They treated to the audience to a preview of coming attractions with these selections. The video could be better, but audio is great!

“I Am the Man”
“Sweetest Song I Know”
“When That Lovely Name I Hear”
“His Name is Wonderful”
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