Watch the Ball Brothers on Wretched TV

Watch the Ball Brothers on Wretched TV July 23, 2013

For those of you who aren’t familiar with “Wretched,” it’s a Christian talk show that looks at faith, culture and everything else through a humorous, but very theologically conservative lens. Todd Friel, the host, is a former stand-up comedian who brings his unique, sarcastic style to each fresh issue. They are die-hard Calvinists, but we can forgive them. For all things Wretched, go here. To browse Wretched TV clips in a handy Youtube playlist, go here. Be warned: I’ve found it rather addictive.

I did not know this, but apparently Todd became a fan of the Ball Brothers about a year ago. They’ve been featured twice on the show. In this older clip you can see him raving about their theologically substantial lyrics, as compared with typical CCM radio fare. (Although, funnily enough, Todd doesn’t seem aware that the song they performed here was originally a CCM song by GoFish! Though I guess the Ball Brothers did make the second verse a bit more theological.)
This is a recent appearance with their two new members:
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  • Saved Girl

    I’ve been a Wretched addict since back before they were Wretched. They used to be called Way of the Master Radio. I was so excited when Todd first brought The Ball Brothers on. Two of my favorite things meeting- Wretched and SG. 🙂
    Actually Todd has been connected/friends with the Go Fish guys for years and has played their version of It’s About the Cross at Christmas many times before. He happened to hear the Ball Brothers version though a year or two ago and was so impressed with it, the new verse, and them that he emailed them about it. That snowballed into an invitation on the radio program. That program, where they sang and Todd interviewed them, is still somewhere buried in the podcast archives.
    Hey you should be grateful! They may be die-hard Calvinists (as am I), but they certainly aren’t in-your-face about it. I think Todd tries to be sensitive to the fact that some non-Calvinists listen to the show. Which, as a side point, I’d love to know what Michael Booth is. He said that he listens to Wretched, Paul Washer, and John MacArthur, etc. It would be hard to listen to that line-up and not be Calvinist, but it seems that most in the SG world are Arminian. I’m not looking for a debate; I’m just very, very curious.

  • steven

    Its great to see the ball brothers get some recognition outside of the normal sphere of southern gospel music.
    Don’t feel alone Saved Girl, there are a few of us in southern gospel who are reformed/calvinists ect 🙂 I do think the majority of the SG world leans much more to the arminian side, however I’m not sure if they would even know to call themselves that.
    In any case, arminian or reformed, our goal is to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to all who will hear and one of the things that unifies us is our love for southern gospel music.
    Well I guess i’ll go back to listening to southern gospel and wash it down with David Platt haha

  • Interesting info SavedGirl, thanks. 🙂
    Well, I listen to all of the above but remain immovable in my Arminian-ness, in addition to a few other theological quirks. 🙂 Maybe it helps that I’ve always been an ecumenical sort who enjoys a wide range of things I may not completely agree with. I’ve ended up becoming a fan of a lot of Reformed blogs and such because there don’t seem to be that many prominent conservative Arminian “voices” out there, so I’m taking what I can get. (No offense of course!)

  • Lydia

    So did the Ball Brothers or some member thereof actually write that second verse to “It’s About the Cross”? It sounds entirely new to me. I don’t remember it on the Go Fish version.
    Very nice cover by the BB’s of the song. The Ball Brothers are so classy.
    In a way, it almost sounds like Friel is being a bit too hard on “Becky.” But one can also interpret him, rather than insulting “Becky” as a flake, as saying that the CCM stations are infantilizing “Becky,” assuming wrongly that what she needs (and wants) is spiritual pablum when theologically richer songs would be of more value to her.

  • Yes, I think the Ball Brothers did rewrite the second verse so it could be more a more flexible, year-round kind of thing. (Although I think the original 2nd verse is very poignant and sweet too.)
    As for “Becky,” I immediately interpreted it along the liens of your second thought—that Christian radio is well-intentionedly getting it wrong when they write vapid pop fluff for the average soccer mom, when what the average soccer mom needs is to be reminded of the gospel.