Captivating Keyboards

Captivating Keyboards September 24, 2013

I thought my readers would enjoy some fresh piano talent from the next generation doing a tribute to Anthony Burger. I ran into the guy on the left providing guest music in church the other night. A very talented and funny guy. His name is Scott Griffin, and his partner on the keys is Alan Tripp. They call themselves “Captivating Keyboards.”

Here is a look at one of their classical arrangements:

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  • Marcia Hill

    Such talented guys–thx for posting their performances.
    re: Anthony Burger tribute–think the electronic keyboard sound was deliberately set on a quasi-rag-timey voice? I liked the effect, just wondered if was meant to be or whether it was caused by very-slightly-different tuning between piano and elec. keys.
    re: Rachmaninoff–really nice! Bet the pianist could kick himself for forgetting to move the mic closer to the piano, though!
    That reminds me of a small quibble I have with Kim Collingsworth’s piano performances. I so wish she’d apply what I presume to be some formidable keyboard skills to her arrangements.
    I mean, playing the melody in slow octaves along with a huge orchestral backdrop might sound impressive to most, but if you’ve got the chops, then use the chops, if even just for those of us who know the difference, yes?
    Let’s have some real keyboard pyrotechnics to the glory of God, too!