Fresh Look and Audience Surprises at a GVB Concert!

Fresh Look and Audience Surprises at a GVB Concert! March 22, 2014

Somebody has captured a LOT of low-quality but still awesome footage from a recent Gaither Vocal Band concert. Thanks to Aaron Swain for bringing this set of concert videos to my attention. One performance that nobody has highlighted yet features Adam Crabb stepping out on verse two of “Satisfied (Hallelujah I Have Found Him).” I believe I’ve heard this hymn somewhere else before, but it’s been a long time, and I absolutely loved hearing this lineup revive the GVB’s take on it. Their blend is fantastic:

The clip that’s been making the rounds more shows Todd Suttles stepping into Marshall Hall’s shoes for “Give It Away.” I wonder, does this mean Todd is officially the baritone while Adam is the official lead? Adam also jumps in for a high tag at the end of the chorus.

Click here for a studio clip of this song with the new lineup, arranged by David Phelps. Swain has noted astutely that Todd Suttles may be holding down the bass part in that studio clip, as it certainly doesn’t sound like Bill saying “Yeaaah” on that step-out at the end! Loved the extra, Take 6-ish iterations of “Give it, give it” that they’ve added at the moment too. The harmonies as a whole are even richer with the extra voice here.

I’ve saved the best clip from that concert footage for last: Bill asks a couple of audience members to belt it out on “He Touched Me,” and boy howdy do they deliver! I couldn’t catch whether Bill was indicating the name of the second gentleman who sang after his solo, but if he was, that could imply that he had been scoped out ahead of time, unless Bill asked him very quickly amid the deafening applause. I know that this is sometimes done in a secular context to ensure that nothing embarrassing happens from a true gamble. And yet Bill does say “Does anybody want to sing a verse?” initially, at which point several audience members seem to be pointing out the first gentleman. So his part at any rate seems to have been a very fortuitous pick. And since the two men were seated close to each other, it’s possible that they are friends who share a musical background. [Update: The second one is actually a professional singer named Kevin Pauls who’s sung with the Gaithers before. Thanks to my reader canuk for picking out the name for me so I could look him up!] Both have very well-trained voices, and the second one really raises the roof! Check it out:
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  • canuk

    I was at the concert.
    It seemed that the first fellow was picked out of the crowd. The second guy is Kevin Pauls, and is known to the Gaither org. That’s why Bill could call a key for his chorus.
    Todd did grab a few of Bill’s stand-out bass parts, but definitely sang baritone for most of the concert.

  • You have to give it to Bill, he manages to maintain a very high standard with all the changes in the group. I love it!

  • Thank you, I couldn’t hear anything over that applause!

  • Debra

    My first thought when watching these and other YouTube clips from recent concerts: Wes has really come into his own and is totally rocking it! So good to see him shine!! I’m also really loving Adam Crabb so far, he has a really great soulful sound that yes, Michael had, but Adam blends better I think (I love Michael as a soloist but was just never digging him as a GVB member, just my opinion. He was meant to be a solo artist…) I’m warming up to Todd, he has a great voice from what I’ve heard so far, but it will take a while, I think, for him to find his place in this group. Can you imagine being the newbie in a group like this?? I have a feeling Wes is giving him all kinds of advice, since he found himself in the same situation 9 years ago!
    I recently saw David solo for the first time – I knew he had a good sense of humor from all the “outtake” videos on YouTube and the behind-the-scenes footage on the DVDs (especially Pure & Simple – car scenes are so funny!). But during his concert he was so laid back and chatty and FUNNY – I would really like to see more of THAT David during the GVB concerts! Now that Mark is gone I’m hoping that is what will happen – between him and Wes (equally funny!) that would be entertaining!!

  • mdef01

    You know I have the totally opposite opinion regarding Michael. I like Michael solo but he absolutely was in his element with GVB. I have tried but can hardly muster any excitement for this GVB. I’ve sold my tickets to Family Fest but may try to catch a GVB only concert to really see for myself how they sound. The clips online are less than stellar, IMO, but I do know it takes time to gel so I do have hope and Bill certainly has a great track record. Everyone has his own opinion on things and I just wanted to share my own. Hope that is ok here. Oh, one more thing, I totally agree about Wes. I totally think he was under utilized and think the sky is the limit for him.

  • Thanks for sharing. All opinions are welcome here short of sheer trolling. I think neither Todd nor Adam has a “Jump out and grab you” voice like Bill is usually known for picking. But I sometimes actually like the more understated lineups, like Wes, Marshall and Guy. Except Guy isn’t around anymore. 🙁

  • David can be funny, but I think sometimes he unintentionally comes off full of himself when he tells a joke—it may not be his fault though, just a personality thing. Occasionally he likes to push the envelope like Mark sometimes pushes the envelope, but for some reason Mark has an easier time getting away with it. I was getting tired of Mark though. 🙂
    I would like to see Wes come into his own as a funny man, that would be cool. And Todd seems like a bit of a character too.
    As for Michael’s role, I’ll have to kind of disagree with both you and mdef and say that I never “got” his voice solo OR with the GVB, except for a few isolated moments. I know Adam isn’t flashy, but I personally think he’s a nice, relaxed change from Michael.

  • mdef01

    Guess I like the unique voice….everyone I really like seems to be “one of a kind”. Regarding Michael, people don’t seem to be neutral regarding him, they either love him or don’t, no middle ground. Thank you for letting me give my opinion. Not everyone is so kind.

  • He has his strengths—I do rotate “Winds of This World” quite a lot on my ipod. But I think it’s a stylistic thing. I prefer purer vocalists in general.