Youtube Find: Vintage Ernie Haase & Signature Sound

Youtube Find: Vintage Ernie Haase & Signature Sound May 30, 2014

The other day, I discovered that someone has put all of EHSS’s vintage albums with Shane Dunlap and Ryan Seaton on Youtube. I’m very happy about this, because I think they made some fine music in this era, even though I can understand the economics of letting old material go out of print. These albums include Stand By MeStand By Me LiveGlory to His Name, Building a Bridge, The Ground is Level, and Great Love. Ernie Haase’s OOP solo albums AmenJourney On, and Celebration Time have also been made available by this uploader. You can click here to browse through each album in its own playlist. Below is a collection of some of my personal favorite “forgotten tracks.” Enjoy them while you can—I notice this same uploader has put pretty much his entire Christian library on Youtube, including very much in-print work from mainstream CCM artists (*cringe*), so he’s probably due for a visit from the copyright police any time.

“I Can’t Wait for Heaven” (Stand By Me): This toe-tapper features Shane Dunlap. Like much of the group’s debut project, which was produced by Garry Jones, it has a very Gold City feel. “There is a Savior” (Glory to His Name): Pure perfection. Ernie kills me every time with that falsetto… thing he does at the end: “The Other Side of the Cross” (The Ground is Level): I know this is the Statlers’ signature tune, but in my opinion this version is much better sung. “Had it Not Been” (Stand By Me Live): Featuring Doug. For me, this is still the best version of Rusty Goodman’s classic. “What a Way to Go” (Great Love): I think they could still stage this one good as new today: Finally, here’s Ernie’s take on “Ave Maria” from his Christmas record:
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  • Saved Girl

    I own most of these albums, but its nice to see that they are on Youtube. I happened to buy the whole Shane Dunlap set at a concert just before they went out of print. I’m just curious, is it perfectly legal to post the songs that are no longer sold? Or is there still some copyright on them?
    On the note of old songs, there are many songs from this era that I wish EHSS would bring back. In particular, I’d love to see Calvary Answers for Me and Even Now (personally my favorite Doug song).

  • Is it perfectly legal, no. Does it matter/do the relevant people care—that’s a different question. In the case of OOP stuff, generally Youtube leaves it alone. Some people will upload OOP vinyl digitization and such with the “fair use for educational purposes” clause in the description. But sometimes an artist will order something taken down because they’re planning to upload a remastered version on their official channel. It really varies on a case by case basis.