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Follow My Faith and Culture Writing at November 13, 2015

As you all may have noticed, this semester has whacked me for a loop as far as time to blog and write, though I’ve tried to put something up weekly for you guys. Fortunately, an exciting opportunity has recently opened up for my faith and culture writing. This summer, I got to meet Dr. Jeff Myers of Summit Ministries. When he discovered my blog, he invited me to do some freelance work for Summit’s newsletter and website. For those of you who may be unfamiliar with the work of Summit, they are a worldview organization that trains and equips Christians in critical thinking, particularly young Christians. They have worked with thought leaders ranging from Josh McDowell to Scott Klusendorf to Warren Cole Smith of WORLD Magazine (all great guys in person, by the way). Their newsletter goes out to pastors and other people seeking to keep up with the issues of the day, reported from a Christian perspective. So, in the future, if I have some current commentary on faith and culture, I will likely be writing it as an article for instead of publishing the pieces here. However, I will be sure to cross-post so that you can follow my work. Right now, I have two articles up over there: one on the Starbucks red cup controversy and one on the defeat of the HERO anti-discrimination bill in Houston. Next week, I’ll be discussing Marco Rubio’s comments in the latest Republican debate about young people, careers, and the liberal arts versus the trades.

But don’t worry, I still have plenty of writing in me that will be a better fit for this space than the Summit website, including music reviews, music commentary, and series like “Questions and Answers” and “Marriage In the Movies.” I also have a few other labors of love that are regrettably on the back burner for now, but hopefully will surface as I find time to focus on crafting them!

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