My Take on the Mizzou/Yale Protests

My Take on the Mizzou/Yale Protests November 23, 2015

Here’s my latest article for Summit Ministries. I wlas asked to tackle the wave of protests sparked by student demonstrations at Missouri and Yale. So, considering my audience carefully, I decided to center the piece around Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech, but I used it to undercut how the black students in these schools are behaving. It was a challenge to report honestly on something so depressing while still fulfilling Summit’s request that I leave off on a hopeful note for pastors and churchgoers seeking how best to bridge the racial divide. In truth, I confessed that I have no grand solutions, and indeed, I believe there are none. But, hopefully I succeeded in achieving something of a balance while still refusing to bow to the beast of political correctness. Kudos to Summit for their willingness to run a piece on this topic with an edge to it.

Meanwhile, if any of you were waiting with bated breath on the philosophers vs. welders article, the attacks in Paris obviously pushed that down in the scheduling, but I’ve been told to keep it in my back pocket for another week. (My friend Hannah covered Paris for Summit, and you can read her article here.)

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