An Intolerant Attack On Intolerant Christians

An Intolerant Attack On Intolerant Christians October 31, 2012

I love ironies. Here’s one (two, as you’ll see) that I found on Huffington Post’s website that was gifted to us by Marilyn Sewell:

“Conservative evangelical Christians are sure that they are right about so much, but from my vantage point, much of what they believe is unloving and in fact destructive.”

Do you, Ms. Sewell, believe that you are right about this statement you made?

If so, then we agree (in practice, at least) on one thing: people contend for what they believe. You’re doing precisely what you are attacking evangelical Christians for doing – having deeply held beliefs that they communicate in a persuasive way and live by.

Oh, and there’s a second irony, a two-for-the-price-of-one sort of thing: the core complaint Ms. Sewell levels at Christians is that they are unkind and unloving. Yet, I’m fairly certain that I can speak for the majority of evangelical Christians when I say, “Your article didn’t feel very kind and loving.”

From your piece in Huffington Post, I can see that you have deeply held beliefs that you are communicating persuasively and living by. I’m very comfortable with this. What’s more, I’m very comfortable with the differences between our beliefs.

What doesn’t feel comfortable to me, however, is being attacked precisely for being just like you…only with different beliefs.

Make sense?


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