The Whitetail Rut…They’re Crazy!

The Whitetail Rut…They’re Crazy! October 29, 2012
Photo courtesy of Charlie Alsheimer

The air almost smells different. It’s the beginning of the rut, a frenzied time of year. They become vulnerable. They run around with their tongues hanging out, making erratic, impulsive decisions that could shorten their lives…or, if they’re lucky, help them score. They become strange, unpredictable creatures – sometimes you see them, sometimes you don’t. They change from moment to moment. They get tunnel vision—life becomes about one thing. They eat and sleep just enough to supply them with energy for the chase, and then they’re back in the game.

They’re called deer hunters, and nobody quite knows what to do with them this time of year.

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Man on the Run


Photo above courtesy of good friend and avid whitetail hunter, Charlie Alsheimer. I write about Charlie in “Man on the Run” on pages 104-105. Check out Charlie’s work here!

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