If they were dead puppy parts…

If they were dead puppy parts… July 14, 2015


If they were dead puppy parts, or parts from homosexual babies, or babies that self-identified as adults, it’d be a different story. Meaning, it would be a story. But as it is, the fact that these fetuses don’t look like puppies, and their sexual orientation cannot yet be determined, and their sexual-identity cannot yet be expressed, the most viral, re-tweeted, utterly disturbing national issue of the day went largely uncovered by all the major television and radio networks. In fact, when I went digging into CNN, CBS, NBC, ABC, and NPR’s coverage of the Planned Parenthood Exec sipping wine and eating salad while discussing the marketability of a pre-born baby’s heart, liver, and lungs, I found these reporting agencies spinning the story as an attack from anti-abortion groups. “You didn’t see the entire clip.” “The money is going to the mothers.” “These ’tissues’ are donated to medical research.” And, “The right is just on a hunt.”

Are you serious? Shame on them. Someone with a conscience would never suggest that this is a political issue, or that the religious right is on a rampage. Listen, Media, the outrage you’re hearing across the nation is a cry from humanity against a lunatic fringe of humanity that is killing humanity and selling humanity’s parts as if it was selling varieties of vegetables. This is a one-two punch of horror – first, to kill babies before they have a chance at life, and second, before doing it, to have a pre-game pep rally, a get-on-the-same-page meeting to discuss which methods of killing children will keep their organs profitable (as Dr. Deborah Nucatola describes in the video). It’s horrific.

We’re in trouble, America.


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