Open letter to Planned Parenthood & Dr. Nucatola supporters:

Open letter to Planned Parenthood & Dr. Nucatola supporters: July 16, 2015

open letter

As I’ve observed your responses to Dr. Nucatola’s statements this week, I’ve noticed a contradiction in your language. The contradiction can be illustrated in a comment left by an anonymous PP supporter (“Badgers”) in response to my previous post (“What if they were dead puppy parts”):

Comment from, "What if they were puppy parts"
Comment from, “What if they were dead puppy parts”

Notice how “Badgers” referred to the ($30-$100) items as, “human fetal tissue”? As I’ve read your responses, it seems that the validity of your entire position – that, rather than committing one of the most horrendous crimes ever committed against humanity, you’re making a productive contribution to medical research – depends entirely on whether or not the biological stuff being exchanged for money is, in fact, merely undefined biological tissue, or they are specific organs from actual human beings. If it is merely undefined biological tissue, then I see your point—why not cut it up and use it for research that would benefit human beings? But, if they are specific organs from human beings, then you have a serious moral dilemma: you are supporting a Nazi Germany type of brutality and disregard for human life in order to advance the well-being of a subset of humanity, namely those humans who are already born.

Here’s the contradiction: Your defense of PP & Dr. Nucatela uses the words “fetal tissue” and “biological material,” yet Dr. Deborah Nucatola, the woman you are defending, PP’s own spokesperson, called these tissues, “hearts,” “livers,” “brains,” and “organs.” Dr. Nucatola used human anatomy language.

I urge you to be intellectually and philosophically honest. You appear to be fighting tooth-and-nail to support of an ideology that, as the words of one of your own representatives reveal, isn’t actually what you believe and know to be true. I’m worried for the pain and loss your ideology is perpetuating, and the way you’re supporting the free market playing a part in determining the number,s and method, of abortions carried out by PP. But I’m also worried for your souls, and that moment when you will face the One who fashioned in the womb these little human hearts, livers, and brains… as Dr. Nucatola referred to them.

In the next moment you’re alone and soberly aware of the potential horror you’re endorsing, I encourage you to jump your ideological ship and stand against this atrocity.





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