You know what… it’s OK to love the church. (VIDEO)

You know what… it’s OK to love the church. (VIDEO) July 20, 2015

Heartland Hands[1]

The church has come under fire these days, drawing harsh words from critics and bloggers every time a celebrity pastor fails. On one hand, I understand these critics… there are problems in the church, and there’s no mystery as to why – the church is filled with people who hurt others. We call these people “sinners,” and each local church is full of them. So, on one hand, I understand the frustration.

Yet, the church is the place that God, in His goodness, gave us in order that we could live out our Christianity, practicing the love of God toward sinful people. We simply can’t be Christians without the church, and for that reason, we ought to be slow to light fires underneath this house that we need to remain intact.

I’d like to celebrate the church tonight by posting a video that helps show what God is doing in a small community in central Nebraska. Eugene Peterson once wrote, “One way to define spiritual life is getting so tired and fed up with yourself you go on to something better, which is following Jesus” – this video is filled with people from all generations who have decided to follow Jesus. Together. As a part of a local church.

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