People are hungry for hunters to donate!

People are hungry for hunters to donate! August 13, 2015

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The conservation of our natural resources and their proper use constitute the fundamental problem which underlies almost every other problem of our national life. – Theodore Roosevelt, Message to Congress, December 3, 1907

About eight years ago, my mother called to tell me that a Sudanese family in Lincoln was having trouble paying bills and putting food on the table. She asked if I had any left over venison in my freezer. My kids and I filled a cooler full of venison and elk and delivered it to this family. Bright white smiles stretched across eight grateful faces. Since that moment, everyone in that family wants to see our family succeed in the woods. We get to see these beautiful smiles once or twice a year, and the first question this family asks me is, “Have you shot anything lately?”

I rarely feel more thankful than when I get to hunt and fish, and provide healthy meat for my family and other families in need. It’s a rewarding feeling that is impossible to describe. Toward that end, I want to encourage my fellow sportsmen & sportswomen to check out the organization, Farmers and Hunters Feeding the Hungry. Shawn Ammons, board member for the Kansas FHFH chapter, recently told me:

“One in every five children go to bed hungry at night here in the United States. Our family receives joy when we help feed hungry people. Matthew 25:40 says, “In as much that you have done unto the least of these, you have done unto me. I understand this verse illustrating a connection between the way we treat the less fortunate and the way we treat Jesus. It is an honor to take God’s natural resources and feed a hungry child. My involvement in FHFH is a great way for me to spend extra time with my family modeling and equipping compassion for those in need.”

Let’s do good, friends. Donate your game this upcoming season!

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