The Campaign Ad That Always Makes Me Misty (Yeah, It’s Bernie)

The Campaign Ad That Always Makes Me Misty (Yeah, It’s Bernie) February 9, 2016

This year I decided to make no bones about my support of one of the Democratic presidential candidates: Bernie Sanders.

And this video sums up why I feel that, as a Wesleyanabaptist messy-middle Christian, I can express my public support with no qualms. Namely, Bernie is the closest thing we have to a candidate who champions the cause of real people, real Americans, and particularly those who are struggling economically or marginalized and oppressed in some way. His campaign is a radical departure from the typical grotesque financing from millionaires, billionaires, Wall St., and other corporate interests. He’s funded by real people, the same people he is committed to serving.

There is no doubt that our ultimate hope does not lie in the political system. But for those of us interested in the church being a prophetic witness to the powers, Bernie does offer hope of making some very real and subversive changes that will more consistently uphold justice and compassion for us and our neighbors. Fighting income inequality, establishing universal healthcare, and reforming the racial injustices in law enforcement and incarceration are just a few examples.

And honestly, I am looking for America – to catch up with other developed countries in upholding human rights and empowering real people.

So, watch it and weep!

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